Master-in-Chief Combination

A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to get another roommate in order to help out with some of the expenses. However the room that they would be living in was packed to the rafters in office supplies and furniture.

Somehow I had to fit everything that was in my bedroom and in my office back into my bedroom in an organized fashion. Which is extremely hard when you have a lot of stuff. 

My room was a total disaster during the whole rearranging process, check out the huge mess here:

The desk that I had originally was in a big "L" shape, which I really loved in its spot in the corner of my office. However in my bedroom having that big of a desk took up wayyy too much space. So I decided to detach the corner and the "L" arm and just leave the little part for the monitor and the tower.

Here's an angle of the bookshelf passageway, I hide my printer down on the bottom shelf and wrapped the cords around the back to make it a bit more seamless. So far it's working out okay. I gave the extra part of the desk to my sister for her computer and the chair fits nice and snug at the foot of my bed. I actually really like it!

So does Lucy, it's her new favorite sleeping spot.

Of course it has to get worse before it gets better, check out the chaos on this side!

But I did stack my books all super cute to hide some of the power cords for the computer. I plan on getting some "L" brackets to install into the wall so I can stack even more but it's about desk high right now.

Here's what it looks like at this moment, starting to come together a bit more but still some things that need to be done. For example the mirror sitting on the floor has to go up on the wall and those kind of things. 

Here's the "office corner" right now. I brought my map art from the office into the bedroom.

I love to paint (I painted the big orange flower in the above picture) but storing an easel is kind of hard to do. So I hooked my little one onto the side of the bookshelf. I think it actually looks kind of cool!

Full office corner with bookshelf view:

The lighting got a little weird but here's a shot of the chair and the bed area:

Here is the opposite corner where you can kinda see into the bathroom, I love how it's just one big space now!

There's still some things that I need to work on and organize a little better but so far it's worked out pretty well and as much as I miss my office, I think this will be a smart move.


  1. The chair fits perfectly at the foot of your bed! Oh, and you better lock your doors at night...I'm going to come steal your "Keep Calm" pillow! Because flying all the way to Colorado is so much easier than getting my own! haha!

  2. I think you did a great job with your space...I love the chair at the foot of your bed...I would love for you to share it at my "Anything Goes" Linky party...


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