Thursday, November 17, 2011

Memory Lane: Exterior

I was always told not to judge a book by its cover. 
Maybe that's just the English major in me. But in terms of my house, it was especially true. Here's a few shots of the house as it was when we first moved in:

These steps were designed for someone that needed a cane or a walker. Either way you tripped at least every 3rd time you went up or down the steps. It was great. You can kinda see in this picture that there was hardly even an outside light, it just hung by a light bulb. Ghetto.

The very first demolition that I ever did to my house was to pull this rack thing down. I'm not sure what it could possibly have been used for but it was the first thing that went. I suppose it is the project that started it all! BumBumBummmmm.

Living room windows and the front door. The porch overhang covers the entire front of the house. It's actually pretty nice.

Master Bedroom window:

There was almost no grass at all when we first moved into the house. It had either all died from lack of water, or perhaps never existed at all. This green patch you see here is all that existed when we signed the contract.

One thing I do love about my house is this impressively large storage shed! It can house multiple bikes and decorations galore. Holla. This summer I do need to go in and seal up the sides of it a bit better and cut down the tree growing behind it. Because that sounds like fun. Right?

So the exterior on move in wasn't the most beautiful thing but a lot of grass seed, plants, lawn mowing, porch redoing-ness is really making it a lot better. 

See how it looked this summer:

Little bit better right? I'm hoping to still find some clearance outdoor rugs, one for the concrete and one for the porch itself, to really home-y it up. It is certainly better then it used to be though!

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  1. Definitely better! I love the yellow pillows! That fabric makes me happy!


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