Open House!

It has come to my attention that it has been a really long time since I have posted pictures of the whole house. I apologize for my picture update neglect. I'll be working on the House Tour tab soon so don't be too disappointed! I promise I'll fix it.

A lot of people walk into my house and are completely surprised at what they see, generally when you walk into a manufactured home you expect what? Dilapidated furniture, too many nicknacks mashed onto shelves, mismatched everything, beer cans as decor, and maybe some odd odor.

None of the above will you ever find in my little house. It's 1200 sq ft of coziness and customized storage.

So today I'm inviting you in to my house to check everything out. I'll keep the text to a minimum but be prepared for lotsa pictures. 

Current Office:

Guest Bathroom:

Hallway to Guest Bath, Office, and Jamie's Room:

View from the Hallway to the Living Room:

My Prized Laundry Room:

Kitchen and View into Dining Room:
And of course there has to be a cat in almost everyone of these pictures. The dark one is Lucy and the light fluffy one is Pouka. 

More Kitchen and Breakfast Bar:

Eat-In Dining Area:

Living Room and Front "Entry:"

Master Bedroom:
This is the view from roughly the bed into the bathroom.

Master Bathroom:

Your View Walking in the Front Door:

Current "Entry:"

View from the Front Door:
(Bookcase, Only Closet, and into the Hallway) 

Well I think that just about covers the entire place! Except for the outdoors but that is never really as exciting as the inside anyways! Tell me what you think? Are you a believer that trailers can be homes too?

I hope so!

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  1. Yay! I love house tours! I really like your living room rug! I want more rugs in my house, but not until Ringo is potty trained and stopped destroying like another year...sigh! This reminds me that I need to update my house tour page too!


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