Pillows Finished!

Well after many moons of working on my cute little pillows I have finally finished them!

They were pretty easy to make and they turned out really well. I've made a total of 4 for under $20! How did I do it? 
First I found the burlap fabric super cheap in a remnant bin and then I purchased these iron-transfers from Michael's for $9.99. 

Here's what they look like sideways!

And then I printed off my image just from my regular inkjet printer at home after finding the perfect image at the GraphicsFairy blog!

I cut out the image as closely as I could to remove any white spaces...

The next step was to iron it on with the red line faced upwards. When ironing make sure that you don't have the steam going because it'll curl the paper. I tried to be as even as possible to make sure all of the image transferred.

And here is the final product after buying the batting for the pillow:

Doesn't it just look so cute? I really think so. It's adorable. Except that the cats keep sitting on it which makes it look all smooshy. But I have gotten quite a few compliments from friends about how cute it is!
Warm fuzzies!

Here's the next ones that I'm working on! This time I'm doing two pillows that are one tandem bike. As I cut out the images I had to sing the "Bicycle built for two" song. Sadly those are the only 4 words of the whole song that I know. But they will be really cute when I'm done!

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  1. I want one! I love them! I'm seriously going to try this!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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