Six Montha-bloga-versary

It's hard to believe that I've actually been blogging for about 6 months now! It feels like so much longer. I've certainly had a lot of fun getting my foot into the door of blogland. I've met some great people and found a LOT of inspiration. I've done things I never believed that I could do all by myself. 
(Okay maybe with a little bit of help.) 
Plus there is something proud about being a blogger. I've had some days where I've felt like I'm wasting my time just typing to have no one reading but then I get those comments on a post and I feel so accomplished! 
(I won't lie I may or may not go back and look at the post over and over and over.)

I have also managed to conquer some HTML and computerized scripty stuff and moved from being a address to having my own page. Which feels great!

I figured that it would be fun to go through some of the projects that I've accomplished over the last 6 months.

The first huge one that I blogged about was my guest bathroom redo. The place before was a total disaster! And though everyone has seen each of these pictures about a millionzillion times, I figured I could show it again. For old time's sake.

Check out all the details from the wall color to the new counter to painting the fixtures {here}.
The first major building project that we worked on during the last 6 months had to have been the laundry room. I am still immensely proud of that space as a whole. It was soo gross when I first moved in and then it wasn't too bad for the first few years of living there. After I purchased my washer and dryer I decided that the laundry room was ready for an overhaul. Ahhh remember how great my laundry room counter top is?

It's crazy beautiful and different! There is so much more storage space and it's all custom and DIY'd! Very proud laundry room mama right here.

If you missed any of the laundry room re-do check it out here, here, here, and here too.

I even got my own office after an old roommate moved out over the summer! I probably spend more time in there then anywhere else in the entire house. 

Of course I still need to do some work in there such as maybe a new desk or organizational system of some sort. It's a work in progress but I love having that space so much! 

You can see how I painted the stripes (which was terribly time consuming and tiring) here as well as some other office details here.

I've gotten all new furniture for my porch, which looks fantastic! After some elbow grease and DIY action I was able to take some old (but free) chairs and tables and make a really fun space to enjoy with my friends in the summer. It may have taken a lot of spray paint but they really turned out great!

My master bathroom was quite the process to redo! It all started with the drywall having to be repaired after the plumber put a huge hole in it. Then it morphed into painting the walls, the cabinets, the ceiling, replacing the curtains, completely redoing all of the accessories anddd

oh yeah! Remove the doors.
Basically the bathroom got a total overhaul! Check out how great it looks! You can find all the details here !

I also was able to install this fabulous built in the displays all of my necklaces and other jewelry. It's probably the coolest thing in the house considering that it used to be an old mirror covering a huge hole in the wall! Check out how all that went down and how it looks here!

And then just recently within the last few weeks I have started working on my master bedroom... There are so many more things to come that it is just so exciting! I'm so grateful to have such a great group that helps me with all of my crazy projects that I love to do. Having this blog has helped me to keep my sanity when full time work, full time school, and volunteering in classrooms feels like it's taking over my life.

Okay well honestly it is taking over my life but you get the point! Thanks so much to everyone whose a reader or follower on my blog as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! I really appreciate each and every one of you and enjoy each comment and get super excited to see a new follower!

You've all stuck with me through crazy cat stories and awesome bargains!

I love you all!
So stay tuned... if you thought the first 6 months were exciting... it can only get better!

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  1. Congrats on the 6 month anniversary! Keep it up! Hope you have a grand day! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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