My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is being able see my family. My brother is going to school at Fort Lewis College which is about 4 hours away from where I live and on holidays he gets to come home! Which makes me very happy. I love my family.

And my Mom makes the best stuffing ever. Dad makes the best pies. 
Yay! Plus I get to take home left overs. Starving college student accepts donations!

My friends and I decided that we are going to go out at midnight tonight to start our shopping endeavors. Cross your fingers I can get the camera I want! I'm saying that it is for the blog. :)
Tomorrow we are going to have our own mini-Thanksgiving. Roughly 15 people will be attending. I offered to host it at my house which gives me an excellent opportunity to decorate!

Here's my table as it usually is without the tablecloth. It's very traditional and solid cherry. It's beautiful but there are some scratches on the top from a roommate's dog.

I added the leaf into the table which makes it much bigger! Lucy appreciates the expanded table as well.

I put my usual off-white tablecloth down and took this vintage lace tablecloth that I bought at Goodwill for $1.99. I also took the bench that was under the window and put it along one side which will make for 2 extra seats, so the table will now sit 6.

The lace looks soooo pretty on the table! It could go totally granny if I put plastic over it but with the layers it looks really good.

Next step was to create some sort of center piece dealio. The tablecloth had a couple of stains on it that I had to cover up so I tried to use what I had.

Anddd then I added my one random red leaf into the center.

I like to build layers on the table, which is hard when Lucy decides she needs to help out. But I have two candle holders (also from Goodwill for $4.99) and the vase is an autumny orange color (Goodwill $.79) candle holders with tall white candles in a gold color ($4.99 total) and then the little golden tea light holders (Goodwill $2.49).

I have this small area of counter space that always works great as a buffet area. I took another vintage lace tablecloth and laid it across this area (I hate my counters so I try to hide them) and them I put some candles and flowers in a corner to make it look really cute.

I also set up 4 places at the bar for people to sit. So now I have 10 seats total, 6 at the table and 4 at the counter.

Imagine these filled with food. I bought all of the serving plates (except for the wooden one) at Goodwill also for a total of about $8.00. It'll work pretty well I think! It's going to be kind of like a potluck so we'll have to figure it out and rearrange a little I think.

Here's my pretty new plates and most of the settings! Imagine candles on top of the candle holders and some fake leaves strewn around. It's my first Thanksgiving hosting so I am kinda trying to feel  it out.

Here is the set up for the bar area. I ran out of nice dishes so I just made it all match with the white plastic stuff that I already had. Small steps to grown up hood.

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving Day so far! Enjoy your friends and family!

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