An Applied Rebellion!

My electronically inclined devices have all decided that it was an excellent time to hoist a rebellion against me. Translated. They are all taking a dump. It first started with my dishwasher and furnace during finals week. Little old me was just plugging away at my final paper for my English class minding my own business, when all the sudden I sensed an odd aroma wafting from the kitchen... My dishwasher was smoking and melting all of the plastic inside of it. Something with the heating element and the motor.

Of course we knew it was bound to happen at some point. The dishwasher has been in my house since I bought it in 2008 and who knows how long before that. Unfortunately at the same time the motor in the furnace went out. My Dad thankfully got that fixed for me but the dishwasher is a bit of a disaster.

So I've been comparing a couple different ones to replace it. Plus adding extra hours onto my work week to pay for it. Yayyy!

I found one at Lowe's that's fairly standard (I'm sticking with white because everything else is white andddd it's more inexpensive, plus my cabinets will be white so I think it will look okay.)

This guy is from Lowe's for $299.00. Not a bad deal! The stainless steel in person was kinda cheap looking so I'm definitely glad we decided to go with white on this one. It was quite a selection, we had to measure several different ones to find a good fit. It'll be about a week before we get the dishwasher in, but it is Energy Star rated and has several different washing options versus my old one that was simply "Start" and "Stop." It's going to be so pretty! It is a Frigidaire which so far I haven't had a problem with because my washer and dryer are also that same brand.

The next thing was the refrigerator. Because once one thing breaks, so does everything else. Right?

I bought this fridge in 2008 for about $60 or $70 dollars at Habitat for Humanity in town. It was only a matter of time before it decided to fail also. It's about 14 cubic feet, which is a small apartment sized fridge. Very small. Since the compressor went out in the fridge we came to the decision that replacing it was just the best option that we had. So since we were at Lowe's anyways...

It's sort of hard to see in that picture but it's about 18 cubic feet and has all kinds of shelves inside! I'd show you pictures but they didn't have a display of this one at Lowe's. You can see all the specs on it {here} Thank goodness for great Dads who help you pick out appliances! I was so lost I started playing with the shelf organizing stuff across the aisle. Lol. We went with this one because it is also EnergyStar rated which we are hoping will help with the electric costs. That's one thing with most manufactured homes... everything runs off of electric.

So the total breakdown:
Dishwasher.......................... 299.00
Refrigerator......................... 519.20
4 year Extended Warranty... 179.97

Total after taxes, etc.:         1146.75

Not too shabby for 2 new appliances plus extra warranty for both. Sort of puts a damper on my new car plans... sorry Nissan XTerra... you will have to wait for me just a little longer!

PS: I started on the kitchen! Aside from new appliances going in, wait until you see the new hardware! I'll show you all about it this week!

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  1. Bummer about your appliances :(
    At least now you'll have new energy efficient ones!

    I can't wait to see your kitchen progress!


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