I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday weekend! I know I did! I got loaded up with some pretty great stuff this year! I missed out on all the fun of baking because I had to work Christmas Eve but! I figured I should show you my new gleaming white appliances!

My  lovely new dishwasher! *Ignore the messy kitchen. Starting the reno process is messy.

My beautiful and HUGE new fridge! My old one was so tiny compared to this guy!

And my all time favorite part! All of the shelves! And drawers! It's so awesome! Obviously it's a little empty since all my food went bad with my old fridge. Yay for Christmas leftovers!

My Mom knows me so well when it comes to Christmas, she bought me a glue gun! And glue sticks of course!

Not my most beautiful photos but! I was excited for my glue gun lol.

My friend Seth bought me this handcrafted wine chest. It's the coolest thing! It holds two full sized bottles of wine. 

Drill bits! Projects! yay!

Everyone teases me about my lack of cooking abilities so my Mom decided to help me out and bought me this Crock-Pot and a new cookbook. Lol. I shall have to raid Pinterest to get some good recipes!

One of my favorite accessories are scarves, but they are also my least favorite to store, generally ending up wadded and forgotten in my closet. My parents bought me these IKEA holders for them! I love organization! I have one for my scarves....

And one for my belts! It works out fantastically!

Oh! I forgot to show you... we hosted our own little family Ugly Sweater Contest at my parent's house for Christmas. Here's my sister and I in all our glory. (The shirt I was wearing was so uncomfortable I thought I was choking!)

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! 

PS. I am buying paint for the cabinets tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. YAY! I love the new appliances! They look so good! You got some great Christmas gifts too! And your Christmas outfit makes me LOL!


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