Cleaning Out My Pantry

 Sorry I've been a little MIA the last week or so! It's finals week in my little abode so I've been jam packed with writing and assignments. Plus final exams. None of the above have really been all that fun though! Only one more final to finish that is roughly 8-10 pages long about Ernest Hemingway and heroism in his novels. It is an interesting subject to work with at least. Anyways. As you all know I've been working on getting my kitchen remodel started. Yay.

One of the first things I had to do was clean out my pantry. Now keep in mind at any given point in the last 4 years that I've owned the house I have had between 3-4 people living here total. Most of the cleaning and maintenance duties fall onto my shoulders and one of those duties is cleaning out the pantry.
I'll admit I've been slacking.

Sorry about the not so great pictures but here's the chaos of the pantry before:

Yeah it looked pretty awful! Least when it was messy I always looked like I had a lot of food. lol. I also look like a have an abundance of red Solo cups.

Mom- don't buy any cups for Ally's graduation. I have plenty. Luckily my sister's high school colors are red, black, and white.

I believe my only defense to the large amounts of cups that I have is that I am in college...

The pantry ended up all over the kitchen, which was awful. The cabinets are bare on top except for my super cute garland all pretty!

I won't lie... I found several cans that were from 2009 that were pushing three years expired... old rice... all kinds of weird stuff. I wasn't lying when I said I've been slacking at the pantry duty!

Here it is mostly cleaned out:

It's surprisingly a really large pantry. But like all things that have come from my house the people before me did some really strange things.... see those blue chunks of wood inside there, stuck with construction adhesive to the walls?

And what do you think this lovely chunk of wood is for?

You guessed it! Exterior siding and trim from the outside of the house!

I'll paint a better picture for you. Ignore all the garbage of course, but you can see the siding is the same. But I guess you gotta use what you have to build a good shelf... eh.

Since the construction adhesive was so strong on the sides I couldn't get it off no matter how hard I tried, and the boards on the top weren't ever coming out either, I tried that too. So I had to make do with what was existing.

I took some shelf liner from WalMart that was rather inexpensive to line the bottom of the cabinets. 

 It was really hard to get a good picture but I used a basket that I had purchased from Lowe's on a super sale. ($5 for three baskets!) And I filled it with all my party supplies, paper plates, napkins, forks etc. The cup on the left holds our straws. It fits well and looks kinda nice too. Plus keeps everything rather convenient. I realized that for being a college student my Solo cup to alcohol ratio is pretty low. Probably a good thing. 

I have this Rubbermaid slide out spice rack that holds all my various spices and seasonings. Definitely handy. I used a couple other baskets to hold things like food coloring, cookie cutters, and seasoning packets. The shelf goes pretty far back so there is also another box of cereal, chips, oatmeal. Looks way better though right?

I sorted out the bad cans from the good ones and stacked them on a shelf in the back of this shelf and put my tea packets into a jar as well as the brown sugar and powdered sugar into pretty containers. Makes it much better!

And of course it is time for some funny cat moments. I love my cats!

Sunny and Pouka were bonding by gazing out the front windows the other day. It was really funny because they turned at the same moments for about 10 minutes.

Sunny is particularly fascinated by the notion of a bag. I use these "save the planet" bags because the cats play in the  plastic ones and tend to get themselves stuck and I have this awful fear they will suffocate. Not good.

Cute though right?

Thanks for bearing with me and my slacking as I finish out this semester! Only 2 days to go! Yay!

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  1. Even more proof that we are BBFF: we both did a pantry post today! Of course you finished your project and I've only put my flour in a glass jar, but close enough! All your red Solo cups made me laugh! Party at your house!


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