Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting Handled

Finally starting the kitchen project (aside from the appliances I told you about yesterday). I'm so excited! The first thing that I needed to do was take down all of the decorations, which I did last week. My kitchen is basically bear of all things pretty right now. I also had to take the hardware down because the dirty and ugly bronzed gold looking stuff was not working for me in the kitchen anymore.

Remember the before?

(I'm not going to paint these little knobs, I'm investing in some cuter pulls.)

 Here's the cabinets unadorned! Crazy looking right?

And the heap of 80s gold on my dusty rose countertops. Ahhh 1988... you weird colored animal!

My new BFF aka Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint by Rustoleum!

I took one of the cardboard boxes that I had in my room from one of my many boot purchases this winter. I'm up to about 12 pair of boots of all flavors and styles. hehe. Everyone has their vice! I lined up all the knobs in the box and went outside to do the spraying. This way the spray is contained and I can do all of the knobs at once instead of dragging it out.

Have I ever mentioned just how much I love spray paint? It is such good stuff! Not even the same handles anymore!

Here's a better shot of the handles. They are dark and beautiful! Usually I do everything in nickel but I thought that this would be a good variety for the kitchen, plus they're darker which means they won't show as much as far as fingerprints go. Total investment in these new handles? $0.00 

Sweet right?? I obviously already had the handles and the spray paint is one from my arsenal.

Someone asked me the other day what my color scheme was for the kitchen. Here's the basic color set up! White, oil-rubbed bronze tones, and yellow accents! I haven't officially decided on the wall color but I do have some ideas. My Dad is even excited about the kitchen upgrades! I think he's finally come around to the whole idea of redecorating!

Hi Dad!

Here's a final view of the "Before" kitchen!

Next step? PAINTING! Yay! I have just the outfit for it! lol! Just kidding.....



  1. Yay for no more 80s gold and $0 projects! I'm so excited to see those cabinets painted I can barely stand it!

  2. Ok, Meaghan, you might be over selling the "excited" part a little. I'd go with "less resistive." I have to admit I was surprised by the way the Master Bath cabinets turned out. My ideas were a lot more money and effort than yours. And, I'm not sure my ideas would have been better. I am still doing work at home in the evenings. I won't be going to the Front Range at least tomorrow. Still possible for Friday or next week. Still looks like Saturday for the dishwasher. Text me your Saturday schedule, so we can figure out when. -- Dad


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