Getting into Working Order

Helloooo friends! I am sorry (once again) that I've been MIA lately! But I am very pleased to announce that the semester is officially over! Hopefully I got good grades. Oh I'm sure I did. Not a "C" in the mix! So since all the craziness of finals week is over I figured it was about time that I get back into my bloggy! I have missed it, like a piece of me was missing. 

So for starters, you all know that I've been working on combining my office and bedroom again, which still kinda stinks but I've gotten more used to it. Remember this mirror I found at a thrift shop back in June and decided to repurpose to look like a more expensive one I was in love with?

 Well this poor beautiful mirror has been sitting on the floor in my bedroom for the last 6 months. A total disgrace to all things mirror! It really is a pretty piece and it has the perfect vintage flair that I love. You can check out how I painted it and all that good stuff here.

It was high time I hung it up and what better place then over the computer desk? (Yup. That is definitely Facebook you see on the screen). Since my boyfriend and I recently broke up, I found that funny little subway sign for $3.00 at Ross and decided it was the perfect addition to my computer area. hehe.

Ignoring the huge heap of homework that was on my desk at the time this picture was taken you can see that it is really coming together well! And my artistic gallery wall looks pretty cute also.

I finally installed the hooks that I bought at Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago. They look really cute and they hold up one of my many purses and a jacket. Plus they appeal to my inner mermaid!

Another project that I have to finish is the other side of the doorway to the bathroom. It's another wall that has been somewhat empty since I took down the boyfriend shrine a couple months ago. What does a girl do?

Paint a picture!

I've been really into bikes lately. And yellow. And vintage stuff. So I combined all of the above!

I decided to paint a vintage tandem bike with a yellow background.

Here's the finished product! I think I'm going to have to redo the one on the right because it doesn't line up as well with the one on the left but it definitely adds a lot of character to that wall and looks cute. Plus I like bikes. In that empty frame I want to do some sort of "M" monogram. I have to figure out what to put on the left side but! It's getting much closer!

Hope everyone is ready for some kitchen action! I've picked out the tile at Lowe's and found the paint colors and am going to paint the hardware this weekend! Sadly my dishwasher decided to start smoking (traitor!) and now the counter fund has to go to a new dishwasher but.... they will be done eventually!

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  1. Don't feel bad about your mirror...I bought a similar mirror months ago and mine is still gold and sitting on the! Oh, and your bike painting is amazing! True, it doesn't completely line up, but it's still 1000 times better looking than one I'd paint. I'm so glad your back to your blog! I've been so bored with life the past 3 days! :)


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