A Little Christmas in the Trailerhood

After our delicious English Major Thanksgiving it is now time to decorate for the next holiday. CHRISTMAS!

Yay!  I love Christmas. But before I do that check out how my first Thanksgiving hosting looks...

This was our little "buffet" area. I used a vintage tablecloth to hide my uglios countertops.

The table also looked super pretty, if I do say so myself. I used my extra pillows for the chairs which made them very comfortable. 

Flameless candles are my new favorite thing for tables.

Thanksgiving was definitely a lot of fun but! The next thing was some Christmas awesome-ness! 
Here's a few of the boxes that I have for Christmas stuff.

Lucy of course finds the entire process fun and adventurous.

I love putting up the Christmas tree, I always use white, silver, and blues. I just think it looks so pretty! This year my roommate Jamie helped me decorate which made it a lot easier and way more fun. 

Here is our finished product! Looks pretty don't you think?? I can't wait til I have a bigger house so I can put the tree in front of a window or something. But it works well in the corner. Though the cats like to climb up and down it. Don't worry, all the ornaments are shatter proof plastic.

Oh! And I forgot to mention we have a new addition to our family. Meet Jamie's cat Sunny. She's from Nebraska too! She and Lucy get along great. Probably because they are both menaces. 

This is our makeshift mantel area since we don't have a real one we just hang up our stockings right here. I'm sure Santa will figure it out! The garland up top looks really pretty when it's all lite up, it won't be there for too long since I will be painting the cabinets soon but it does look really pretty.

I hide all the pretty glass ornaments in this pretty bowl on top of the fridge. Probably one of the safest places for them!

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of their holiday season! I really need to get to work on my Christmas shopping. Total slacker here!

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  1. Everything is so cute! I love your tree! It's so purty! We only get to put up a mini-tree (our of puppy's reach) this year. I know Ringo would try to eat all of the ornaments and lights otherwise.


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