Master Progression

My master bedroom has gone through a lot of changes in the last few years that I have lived at my house. It's gone from awful wall paper with weird roses and stripes to gorgeous gray. 
Check out the total transformation so far!

Here's the original look when I purchased the house in 2008:

This is what my room looked like basically for the first 3 years that I was in there, the only thing that changed was my comforter and the desk. I went from a little desk to a big one. The color, the furniture, the wall decor, that all stayed the same for a very long time!

Here's what my original plan for the master bedroom renovation was, to move around some of the wall decor and put rugs down and that kinda thing. I love that Picnik lets me write on pictures! It's kind of a dream come true!

There's still a lot of things that I want to do with my room but so far it's looking great! I really love the new color and the furniture that I have in there! I need to still make a new headboard and replace the curtain rods with actual double rods that are prettier. I think that would keep the sheers from looking so squashed. I also need to replace the mini-blinds on the smaller window.

I'm really loving it so far! It suits me and I have done it specifically to my tastes and that's it. I have it really well organized and it's totally functional. The only thing that makes me sad is my awesome twin-bed-hide-a-chair can't really be used since it's now at the foot of my bed. I suppose technically it could be but it would be a little weird to have my guest at the foot of the bed.

{funny visual moment}

I hope you guys enjoyed my random memory lane path of my master bedroom!
I'm gathering up all the supplies that I need to start on my kitchen remodel so stay tuned for all that excitement! I have to be the queen of DIY and budget on that particular reno! Just remember... increasing resale value!

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  1. I like the flower wallpaper best! HAHA, JK! It looks soooo much better! My master bedroom is gray too, but yours is putting mine to shame! I can't wait to see the kitchen!!!


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