A Single Girl's Guide to Dishwasher Removal in Ten Steps!

This Messy Business is a blog about a single girl's adventure in DIY and home ownership. Well along with all the fun painting projects and redecorating sometimes.... I have to get a little technical. Recently two of my major appliances went out (at the same time of course) in the kitchen. In order to save some ca$h we decided to do a little dishwasher DIY install. Seeing as I originally had no clue what to do, I called on my wonderful Dad to help me out. (Thanks Dad!) With his help we constructed a little bit of a step-by-step process on how to first remove your dishwasher and then replace it. Could save you a hundred bucks!

Alright, let's get started!

Step One: Call your Daddy.
Step Two: Make sure that the dishwasher is empty. Key step. Also clean out under the sink so that you can get to the wiring and plumbing.

Step Three: Unplug the dishwasher. Also key. (If your dishwasher is hardwired and not just plugged in be sure to throw the breaker. Safety first!)

Step Four: Turn off water. Usually a small valve under the sink. (That's pretty rockin wallpaper right?)

You must use two wrenches to detach the water supply so that you don't wreck the plumbing that is already there.

Step Five: Disconnect the drain hose. (The white hose in this picture) This is an air gap that may or may not be required by code. Otherwise it will connect right to the disposal, if you have a new disposal or one that has never been connected to a dishwasher make sure that you punch out the plug.

Using a nut driver we removed the clamp from the drain hose.

Step Six: Now that you have detached all the plumbing and power, look under the edge of the counter to see where the two mounting tabs are located. You can use a standard screwdriver to simply detach the screws holding the mounting tabs in place. This is typical other options are side mounts and screw to the floor.

Step Seven: First you have to remove the kick panel that is underneath the door of the dishwasher, generally just two Phillips screws. After you remove the kick panel you will see two adjusters. They sort of look like little footies. If your floor is level you probably won't have to do much with these, but in my case we had tile that stopped at the dishwasher. You may have to get on the floor and use your fingers to wind these guys up to get it out. Lucky for me my Dad was there to raise it up off the floor which made it a little easier. He used the wrench as a lever in order to raise the dishwasher enough that I could twist the adjusters back into the footies so we could pull the dishwasher out of the cabinets.

Step Eight: Pull the dishwasher out of the cabinets. Be careful with the hoses and power supply, water may still be in some of the hoses and leak as you remove the dishwasher. After we pulled the dishwasher out we laid it on it's back so that we could access the electrical and plumbing easier.

The big silver box in the center of this photo is the high voltage electrical connection box. Hence forth called the silver box.

Remove the cover from the silver box in order to reveal the wiring inside. 

 Step Nine: This is what the wiring inside of the silver box looks like. Remove the three wire nuts (the yellow and orange things) and then remove the power cord from the back of the box. This was a push in washer which made removal fairly easy. You may have to turn a couple of metal connectors or nuts depending on your particular washer. We also removed the hose and the water supply from the dishwasher.

Step Ten: You can now sit the dishwasher back up on it's legs and dispose of it properly. Sadly my dishwasher smelled like something had died somewhere inside of it so my Dad carried it out to the porch so we wouldn't stink up the whole house with it. I don't know why it smelled so bad. We didn't really go all Sherlock on that particular case. We just set it outside on the porch and the next day the Lowe's guys take it away. Sorry Lowe's guys!

And of course if you look in almost all of the above pictures you can see a glimpse of Lucy somewhere. Here she is intent on the process.

PS: I am over at The Junk House guest posting about a couple of my favorite projects so far! Be sure to check it out!

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