Cabinets Finished! Finally!

I can hardly bear the excitement that is coursing through my veins as I prepare to show you guys the finally finished kitchen cabinets! Of course it doesn't mean the whole kitchen is finished but! It means that the main part is done! 

Are you ready to seem some awesomeness?

I thought so.

After I finally finished chasing the cats off of my newly painted cabinet doors (disadvantage to painting inside in the winter) I had to apply the "new" hinges. Really they are the original hinges from back in the 1980s, just with a little bit more modern oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

Revel in their beauty....

Aww. That was magical, really. I'm glad we could share that together. Anyways! Back on task here.

A quick reminder of the "before:"

The hinges belonged to these doors here. This is the main work space for all of the cooking that would happen in the kitchen if I was a worse decorator and better cook. Either way when my Mom comes over I want her to be able to have ample work space for her to create an awesome meal for me to chow down on.  Hehe. Love you Mom. Or maybe I really will start using my new crockpot! Who knows.

Don't they look great? The whole thing is just fantastico!

Here's a farther out shot of everything tat is going on. This was sort of "in progress" so it's a bit of a chaotic mess. But! You can start to see how the white cabinetry is really starting to make sense with the laundry room and the red machines sort of compliment the blue rugs!

Counters still look kinda crappy but... One step at a time! I'm headed to Lowe's today to get some more materials!

Talk about increasing visual space! Doesn't it just look gigantic now? Even with all the stuff on the counters it's looking like a bigger space!

And I love this shot... again...

For the cabinets up above the refrigerator I found some great baskets at Michael's that I think will look really nice. I don't want to put the doors back up because they are complete hack jobs and look awful. The baskets can house some of the extra serving wear and that kind of thing for all the fancy parties I don't ever actually have.

I started to add some decor back in. Like my cute and awesome chalkboard.

I'm on a hunt for a good stencil for under the counter at the bar area. I think it would make it a little bit more interesting if there was some detail down there instead of plain white-ness.

Anddd again!

I do realize that there is paint on the walls, keep in mind I will be painting the walls a completely different color very soon.

 I haven't painted the range hood yet (though I have the paint) but I did give it a good degreaser scrub down. Also extremely nasty if anyone was wondering.

Here's a lovely shot from inside the laundry room. Ooooooo. Ahhhhh. LOVE IT!

 I must say that I am extremely proud of myself. At least 87% of the entire kitchen remodel has been me working on it by myself. My friend Seth helped paint a bit and Travis (my roommate) helped me put the drawer pulls in, but the design and all the painting I have done myself. And for being a single 20 something... I feel like that is pretty damn impressive.

I hope that you guys are liking it as much as I am! Thanks for joining me on my crazy trailer kitchen journey so far, lucky for us it's not quite over yet! We still have to figure out a back splash, counter tops, and paint the walls. Oh yeah. Gonna get wild.

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  1. Hi Meaghan;

    I think you should remove the range hood prior to spray painting. The over-spray would be tough to control in the house. I didn't look at it, but it is probably a few screws and an electrical connection. Would have to be a bit warmer, like is here in Phoenix now :) for the paint to stick.

    Love you,


  2. I LOVE IT! The white cabinets look sooooooo much better! And the updated hardware looks equally as amazing! I'm still loving the stencil idea too. I can't wait to see the rest of your kitchen makeover! Start painting the walls now! haha!

  3. How is your spray painted hardware holding up? I'm curious about the hinges in particular. We are about to do the same type of project in our kitchen. Looks great!

    1. They hold up really well! It's been about three years and they still look really good. One thing I would do again is clean them better the first time around and use a primer before painting, but for not doing any of that and using 30 year old original (relatively) cheap hardware... I am really impressed with the spray painting! I did it in all the rooms and it looks great still.


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