Half a Whole

It is three days into the semester and I am already swamped! Luckily it is my last "real" semester on the college campus! Next semester starting in August I will be doing student teaching in a ninth grade English classroom! Just have to survive this semester.

And get a 4.0.

No pressure.

This weekend to celebrate our last semester at Colorado Mesa my friends and I had a "Pre-Semester Ladies Night" at one of our favorite downtown spots! (Left to right; Chelsey, Katrina, and me!) The quality of the photo isn't so fabulous but it was a really fun night!

Now meet my new kitchen rugs! I bought them at Lowe's on clearance. 26.99 a piece. Still cheaper then the big rug I was going to settle for from online. I think they're pretty awesome! I love the dark blue and the moroccan pattern makes me feel like dancing! 

They are really durable too because they are made from wool, which is good for such a high traffic area.

The old knobs from the drawers were not going back into the kitchen. First of all they were ugly, and second they were broken. So I splurged and bought this great little drawer pulls, also from Lowe's, for 2.99 a piece.

Insta-improvement don't you think?

They look so awesome! My roommate helped me attach them because I strained my wrist... again.... dang it. But! How classy do they look? Totally classy!

The in progress kitchen was looking a little bit stressed out. Eek. I was also deep cleaning the stove. PS. Not a pleasant experience.

Though you can see how it is starting to look a little better with each door that is added on! I have also been doing a bit of reorganization which is really helping with the space. I keep finding things I didn't know that I had. Like 6 muffin tins. I've never even made muffins. Hmmm lol.

The right side isn't looking quite as fabulous... I have to move the fridge to paint the rest of the cabinets, which isn't a big deal but I figure when I move the fridge I need to have the paint to paint the wall that is behind it. Which I don't have. Hence random side not painted. lol.

But! look at it now! So beautiful!! The hardware is all painted oil-rubbed bronze. Total investment for hardware? 16.00. and that is just for the drawer pulls. I already had the paint and the handles are original same with the hinges, which are also spray painted. Looks FANTASTIC!! And it really is starting to blend in with the laundry room now.

Plus I did the dishes. Hehe.

Part of the project I still have to do. Put in new toe-kicks. They've been missing since the flood in 2009. Hate to rush into things.

My paint color for the walls is going to be the middle one on the paint sample. Bye-Bye orangey-peach-toasted-coconut!

Filling these little cubbies with vintage crystal champagne glasses and ball jars filled with wine corks. I love mixing vintage with some modern elements. I'm still in love with Ball jars no matter what though!

Ahhhh soooo prettyyyy!

This stove fan thing doesn't even work. And it looks awful. Bisque. I have bisque. That one I'm still trying to figure out. Spray paint it? See if I can replace it somehow? Who knows.

Broken ceiling lights. It's a better view of the huge fixtures. I still have to figure out how to get some new ones... maybe that BOTH work. lol.

 This is the not done side. The doors are mostly finished. Just need to do a few more coats of white on the lower cabinet boxes before I put the doors back on.

A picture of both Pouka and Lucy together! Though Lucy looks a bit malevolent...

Pouka is my princess kitten. She is also very spoiled. But I love her A lot.!

Still have to paint this part of under the cabinets... Right now it's all white like the rest but I was contemplating doing some sort of stenciling or something just to add some character. I've scouted out some really cute Martha Stewart ones at Michael's. Plus... I have coupons!

The lighting sucks in this picture but you can sort of see how all the white is starting to blend together. Makes it feel really open and cohesive. Which is what we were going for anyways!

These stools are going to need a little love soon! They are the most used seats in the house though. They often get used as shelving, end tables, table legs, and ladders. They aren't fancy but they are definitely sturdy!

Disadvantage to being tall in my house. You can't see anybody's head through the cabinet pass through. But it is nice to have! We'll be replacing those stilt things so they look less ghetto and more purposeful.

Check out the side by side comparison! It's not done but it's already a hugeeee difference! Ahhh the power of a $30 dollar gallon of paint!


  1. So much goodness in one post...I don't know where to start!
    1. Yay for last semester!
    2. I know I've already told you, but I love your rugs! I want them!
    3. I love the new drawer pulls! They look amazing - good choice!
    4. LOL at 6 muffin tins!
    5. New paint color > Old paint color
    6. Those cubbies are awkward, but I love how you decorated them. Ball jars...swoon...
    7. Spray paint the bisque stove fan! I used Krylon Dual Paint + Primer on my bathroom ceiling vent and it looks way better. And it's held up really well for over a month of showers/steam.
    8. Pouka is so FLUFFY!
    9. I'm dying over the under cabinet stencil idea! Do it!
    10. The side by side pictures make me so happy! It looks so much better already, I can't wait to see it all done!

  2. Meaghan,

    We need to check the ballast in the fluorescent lights. Maybe that is it. The 110v test light is in the red toolbox, it will allow you to see if there is any power to the ballast. The Home Depot book might also have trouble shooting help. Might be cheaper. Don't know much about them, but we could learn.

    Love you,


  3. The little changes you are making are really paying off! I like your new rugs.


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