Real Progress! Really!

Ladies and Gentlemen! (Hi Dad)

I am proud and very pleased to announce to you today...

that there has been progress in the kitchen!! Yayy! Exciting.

Ready for some cool updates? I thought so!

Remember the before?

First we set up an indoor station for door painting. It's freezing cold outside and I don't have a garage. Plastic drop cloths are fabulous things, really.

My trusty friend Seth came over to help out with the painting! Painting alone is kinda lonely and I seem to always hurt my wrist if I paint too much. Thank you Seth for your fabulous assistance! Doesn't he look so excited?

The white is so much bigger and brighter! It already looks fabulous and this is just without the doors! Imagine what it will look like with the doors on! I am going to reorganize my cabinets as well since they are kinda messy but... all things with time right?

Here's another view of the cabinets! It really makes the new window treatment and pendant light look great! I love it soooo much!

Good thing my kitchen table gets very little use.

Painting the doors while watching "Pretty Woman" on TV. I may never paint outside again!

Look at Seth paint! Go Seth! Go!

As you can see.... Lucy loves Seth. 

Pretty great right??

It may be a few more days before I get all of the painting of the cabinets finished. There's a lot of fake wood that needs to be covered and doors that have to be finished up but! It's a huge difference and the space just looks fantastic!

Makes my counters look even pinker though... well... All things with time right?

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  1. Just wanted to share with you, im doing basically the same thing, Not at the same pace! And I hand plastered my front room walls. And will be doing the same to our bedroom, when I get to it. I have gotten so many great ideas following your blog! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Question, are you using a primer, and if so,,, which one? I have been using a shellac based primer. It is pretty pricy... $40-$50 a gallon. It goes a long way though.

    1. Yay! I'm glad to hear that you were inspired! Thanks for following! :)

      As far as primer goes I used KILZ for the most part- painting these cabinets is sort of like painting plastic so it's really about making sure there are good even layers. For extra coverage I used the Glidden Paint+Primer 2 in 1. It works really well!

    2. Sweet! Ill have to try the KILZ, the BINZ is killing my budget! It did a great job on the oh-so-*gag*-beautiful faux wood paneling that was in EVERY SINGLE ROOM.... I am looking for good, but less costly solutions! I have been holding out on the kitchen cabinets. Frankly, I was afraid I would mess them up in such a way it would be un-fixable. Thank you!

  2. It looks amazing! I can't wait to see the whole thing painted...such a tease! haha!

    1. I tried to tell Seth to paint faster so that I could show pictures to my BBFF! But then he got tired... dang it! It's looking amazingggg though!! Can't wait to show you!

  3. It's lookin' good! Love white cabinets!

  4. Looking good Meghan. You are so brave to tackle that kind of work. Really love the painted counter top. I would have been very scared to do that. Looking forward to seeing the end results. Hope you will stop by Timeless Treasures and pay a visit.
    Blessing ...
    Audrey Z.


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