Seems so Flourescent

Since I'm currently working on the kitchen and painting the cabinets and all that good stuff it recently came to my attention that one important part of the whole plan was missing. Any ideas?

You guessed it! The monstrosities attached to my ceiling by the cute little sky light. They are awful. And plus only one of them works (I still haven't figured that out). I've been looking through different options and ideas for replacing those light fixtures but I haven't found the perfect one yet. Here's a few that I thought of:

 I was thinking to maybe do two drum lights where the two boxes currently are. I was thinking this might work better with the angled ceiling but allow me to bring them a little lower? Possibly?

I am fully aware that I lack any real skills in the paint program. But it gives you a general idea of what I was thinking. lol.

Or I could just do some task/track lighting... which would be an easy out I think...

Does anyone have any suggestions for some good ceiling lights that aren't too expensive, allow for plenty of light, look good, and can hang on an angled ceiling? This girl is totally stumped! All I know is that the ugly box fluorescent have got-ta-go!

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  1. Anything will be better than the ones you have now! I like the first idea though. And I totally was rolling laughing at your picture. Not in a mean "look at those paint skills" way, but in a "that's why you're my bbff because we have similary paint skills" way.


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