Single Girl's Haven

During the last four years I have worked really hard to create the perfect first home for me. One thing that I have always longed for?
The perfect bedroom! 
And I would like to show you that I am getting pretty close to that dream.

Ready for lots of pictures?

Here's an overview of my space:

I've been working on making the office in bedroom thing as seamless as possible. (Yes that is definitely Pinterest you see on my computer screen.) My bedroom is big and bright for the most part but the position of the windows and doors limits how I can place furniture.

I did buy these fantastic lamps. Between the shades (Target) and the bases (WalMart clearance) I ended up spending $60.00. The yellow table toppers were actually napkins that were fifty cents at Salvation Army.

As you can see I really need to figure out something to do with all of my boots! I have about 14 pairs total in various locations around the house. Most of them are next to my chair though. hehe. I love boots, books, and bags.

My dresser vanity with my DIY bike art. I love to decorate with bikes. I do have one that I ride which somewhat justifies my love for them.

Lucy, surprisingly, stayed put during the whole picture taking process in the bedroom! Pouka (the fluffy gray cat) was a little more adventurous. (The quilt and brown black out curtains are from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Bolster pillow is from Target. Cat was free.)

I just love my bathroom! It makes me so happy! If you missed it I recently redid the entire thing back starting in August. I think I finally finished it in November after many speed bumps. (Or rather holes in the drywall.)

My bookshelf has been a lifesaver in the whole process of transitioning to a office-bedroom. I still haven't gotten the decorations on the shelf right where I want them but I'm getting closer!

The sofa chair at the foot of my bed is awesome for curling up with one of my magazines or homework. Sometimes it gets piled up with clothes but it is definitely comfy. One day it will be back in a room where it can fold out into a guest bed.

(The "Keep Calm & Carry On" pillow is from Hobby Lobby. The yellow one is made out of a place mat from Target and I made the small one using a free printable.)

Laying on top of the calendar on my desk in one of Pouka's favorite locations. Especially when I'm typing a big important paper. Super comfy.

I still want to do something else with those gigantor closet doors. My most recent idea was to install a big curtain rod sort of thing across the top and put up some white linen curtains or something like that. The problem with the doors is that there is about 6" in the middle that you can't get to unless you actually crawl behind the doors. Plus I think it would be prettier. Thoughts?

That is the almost completely finished master bedroom/bathroom! So far it is my favorite place to be. It is cozy and has my personality all over it! It's a space that is designed just for me and that is my favorite part. I know when I go home from my crazy life of full time working, full time school, and 15 hours a week of student teaching, my room will be a little retreat.

There's still a couple projects I want to do:
  • install double rods
  • make closet curtains/doors prettier
  • paint trim around door frames
  • finish gallery wall behind bedroom door.
But overall there's not much left to do! I think it's fantastic! After 4 years of working to make my house awesome I can really see it coming together! Nice thing about a house though, it's never really "done."


  1. Lookin' good! And I'm jealous of your lamps! I think you've transitioned 2 rooms into 1 nicely. And of course the bathroom is amazing as always!

  2. I just discovered your blog and I am loving it! I'm about to move into a new house and I'm getting a lot of inspiration here, especially with your kitchen. I definitely need a jewellery storage/display like yours in my bathroom. I can't wait to see what you get up to next. Keep up the good work!


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