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Since I gave up my office space back in November I've been working really hard to try to make this tiny corner of my room work as an office area. Not necessarily the easiest thing I've ever done. I've got the wall art down for the most part (may still tweak the stuff around the mirror) and the organization is okay for right now. The problem?

The chair. My parents picked it up for me during one of their IKEA trips at a really good deal, it used to be the display I believe judging by the hole in the top of it where info used to be. The thing of it is that it is not the most comfortable chair ever.

I tried to dress it up with a cute pillow that my Mom so fantastically made for me but it still isn't exactly what I want.

So I've been pouring over Pinterest (see? I justify the hours I spend on that site!) trying to find some inspiration and ideas for a new office chair that would be trendy, small, and easily tucked away. No gigantor leather spinny chair is going in my chic master! Here's some of what I've found so far...

These guys from westelm.com are totally adorable and vintage-y! I dunno that they'd be very comfortable but I do love the white one... ahhh...

Maybe one of these white chairs would be cool too! They have a see through back sort of so they wouldn't look like they take up as much space and I could put some fun fabric as the cushion... (white would be a bad idea) I could probably find at least one at a thrift store or something in town and paint it. I can paint!

{source} These are totally cool! Again probably not fantastically comfortable but I love the clear ones! I think they are way fun. They have a vintage shape with a modern appeal. Could be just what I'm looking for!

Hmm.... decisions decisions! I think I will have to go thrift storing this weekend to see what I can find in terms of getting a new chair for my office corner. The semester starts next Tuesday! Eek!

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  1. Ohh I love lucite chairs! That would be so cute. I also really like your mirror!


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