Budget Tile-ish

One of the main hurtles that I had to jump in the kitchen was definetly the backspash. The rest of the room was easy enough to find a solutino for. Paint the cabinets, paint the hardware, paint the counters, but it was a little more complicated in the backsplash department because well... all I had before was those icky bisque tiles.  Though as you can see.... they were definitely better then the original wall coverings! Yuckk.

I wanted a gorgeous white tiled look... without the white tiled price. So it was tile to go rooting around for some solutions! I discovered this idea of paintable wallpaper, and I was definitely hesitant at first. My house was originally a nightmare of the stuff peeling of the wall and being otherwise unsavory.

I was finally sold on the idea when I came across this tiled looking wallpaper by Allen Roth at Lowe's. It was cheaper then tile by a couple hundred dollars and much easier to install! It also came with relatively easy to follow step by step directions.

Tools that you're going to need:
XACTO knife
Measuring tape
Pooled water of some sort (I filled up the sink)

So the first thing that you have to do is measure out the segment of wall that you want to cover, height and width of course. Next you want to cut out that amount of wallpaper and soak it in the water for 30 seconds. It's important to make sure that all of it gets wet because in a prepasted wallpaper like the one I'm using, the water is what activates the paste so it will adhere to the walls.

After the paper is thoroughly wet you want to fold it onto itself for 5 minutes. This also helps the paste get tackier and have a better adhesion.

While you are allowing the paper to stand for five minutes be sure to thoroughly clean the area where you will be applying the paper. Don't want gunkies hanging out behind your beautiful new wallpaper!

When you first put it on the wall it will look a little bit translucent. Once it dries it will become more white with a matte finish to it. Be sure to have something handy to help you smooth out the paper and make sure it is tightly adhered to the wall.

Looks good so far right??

I broke mine down into different sections so that it was easier to apply. This is where the Xacto knnife is handy. You just need to cut out the sections where there are outlets or switches. Be very careful though! When it's wet the paper tears very easily!

Here's what it looks like all the way across! Pretty great right? It's going to look so fresh and clean when I'm all done!

We will still need to apply the final semigloss white coat in order to make it really water proof as well as framing out the backsplash to give it a more finished look but overall I'm really happy and excited about my new DIY backsplash! Plus... it was totally budget friendly and if I do get bored with it or switch out the counters it just peels off in sheets.

First wallpaper attempt... total win!

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  1. I love it! Freakin' brillant! I'm definitely going to have to try paintable wallpaper somewhere! I can't wait to see it all finished!


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