Cleaning Out The Closet

A few months ago I made the decision to close down the office in my house and rent the room back out for some extra cash flow. Being single and obsessed with DIY and decorating doesn't always jive with a limited pocket book, so it was a smart move for sure. My new roommate Karly, who I totally love because she's 1-  totally adorable 2- has been following my blog forever and 3- loves to decorate too! Anyways Karly moved into the room that was the office because she loved the way that the stripes look.

Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Which I do. 

But! Back on subject. We wanted to figure out a way to maximize the space for Karly so that it would work the best for her. There will soon be two girls sharing the small space that is the guest bathroom so it's important to make sure that everything has it's own space. 

First things first.... we took out the gigantor doors in the bedroom. They are huge and covered in 80s western fake veneer. (Hard to believe all those things could happen at once ey?)

Which now makes it look gigantic!! I have tried to convince Karly that she needs more clothes. I think it's starting to work!

Since the left side of the closet is so large I've previously had roommates fit things like dressers, 40" TVs, and all sorts of other big items in that area to really take advantage of the real estate in there.

At Goodwill we found this great little desk....

For $27.99! It's in a little rough shape because it was obviously well used but it fits perfectly in that area of the closet. We  figure she can use it both as a desk and as a vanity area so that way she's not fighting the other roommate for the bathroom or that kind of thing.

I shall keep you posted as we get it all cleaned up and put into the closet. We have big plans for Karly's room! It's exciting to have a roommate that appreciates all the hard work that goes into this DIY stuff. I think we're going to have a fabulous time.

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  1. I LOVE that desk! Seriously, I'm jealous! I can't wait to see it all cleaned up!


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