DIY Planters

This little area of my cabinets has always been a challenge. It looks weird and nothing really fits very well right here either. 

I found the idea on pinterest to take some Ball jars, which we found easily enough at a local thrift store, and use them as planters. I already had the hooks up from when I first started decorating and put up the chalk board. So I figured I'd do my own version! I bought wire from the floral department at Hobby Lobby that looked like twine but was much stronger and wrapped it around the mouth of the jar and then hooked em up on the seahorse and mermaid hooks!

Check it out!

Of course I used fake flowers because my cats have the obnoxious tendency to eat all of the greenery that is of a natural sort in my house. Not to point any fingers. (Lucy!)

The counters are a little messy but check out the over all effect! I really like it!

A perfect solution to a funky little spot. Yay!


  1. They turned out so cute! Such a good idea! Your kitchen makeover makes me so happy every time I see it!


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