Kitchen Amazing-nessssss!

The biggest parts of the kitchen renovation are complete! And I must say.... I've never been happier with a transformation! It's like a complete 180 from where it started.Now the entire main living space actually makes sense.

I hope that you are ready for lots of pictures! I'll let them do most of the talking.

I went with a "greige" color for the walls so that it still was in the same palette as the living and dining room but allowed for a bit of a separation at the same time.

We redecorated the top corner of the cabinetry...

I still think this poster is the most amazing thing ever....

Still have to figure out how to decorate the top of the cabinets on the opposite side...

Closer look at the "tile" that is painted with standard white semi-gloss... beautiful.

Here's the kitchen with all the decorations, etc back in their original home. So lovely!

Of course over the summer I will paint out the ceiling and the trim which will make it look much better....

And here is what you've all been waiting for!
The comparison!


Sure, I would prefer to have gorgeous white stone counters and stainless steel appliances but! I have totally revamped the feel of my house for less then I would spend on the counters themselves.

Total investment in the kitchen project so far?



  1. It looks amazing! I love the white cabinets! I can't believe how much work you've done in such a short amount of time...thanks for making me look like a slacker! haha jk! Love it. End of story.

  2. Looks fabulous-the white looks clean and fresh making everything else pop! I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!!


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