Kitchen Fixins

I have been dreaming of getting some lovely finishes for the kitchen. The kitchen is about 90% done and I consider the remaining 10% to be all those little finishes and accessories. Where else to get unique and personal awesome items but Etsy? I love it!

So here is the kitchen in its current state:

Obviously there is a big void above the window that needs to be filled. It looks sad and lonesome. I've been going back and forth on what to put up there when my roommate, Karly, and I were surfing around on Etsy. (She was looking at kitchen decor and I was looking at bike inspired decor. hehe) Karly spotted this guy for only $7.99! Holla!
(This Etsy shop is where we found it)

 I think it is going to look great! The shop owner was awesome too, when I went to order it I selected the wrong color, I emailed her super quick to ask for the "Yellow" color instead and she got back to me speedy fast and it was no problem! Yay! I'm so excited I think it's going to look great. Plus I love yellow accents.

Speaking of which I decided that the blue morroccan hand towels mixed with the moraccan pattern rugs was a little overkill on the same pattern. So on a yellow note I decided that I want to get some adorable new tea towels! And look! I found them at {this shop}and I love them. They are all kinds of vintage and lemony. *and these are a fewww of my favoritteeee thingsss* oops sorry. Broke into song there. We finally got snow here in Colorado so I've been singing Christmas carols all weekend. Blame the lingering pain from my surgery.

I also found these towels that I really liked. {Found at this shop here}They are a bit simpler but still have yellow accents that speak to me in a happy way:

 And of course since I tend to get off on tangents when I'm exploring Etsy I also found these fantabulous glasses that I have no room for in my cabinet for of course but am feeling like purchasing anyways. {Found at this shop here.}

They are sooo awesome right?? I need them. I really think I do. They are unique! Though maybe a little expensive... dang it... maybe a future DIY project then? Yes!

It's officially been two weeks since my surgery and I'm finally starting to really feel better! Thank goodness because I've been going crazy not being able to do any projects around my house. (I'm on restrictions in terms of weight I can lift, etc.) So hopefully I will have some more fun things to show you guys here soon! Plus I have another roommate moving in next week so we will be doing some painting in one of the extra bedrooms!

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  1. The yellow and the blue rugs are going to look SO good together!

    DIY those glasses! They are amazing and totally make me think of you!

    I'm glad you are feeling better :)


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