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 Happy Monday everyone! This is sort of a scary Monday for me... I have surgery today at 3:30pm in order to *finally* remove the cyst on my right ovary. I'm definitely scared, but it's about time that I had it done since I've been battling it for a few months now. In the meantime I've got a few posts scheduled for you to see! You will probably be relieved, they are not all kitchen related!

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Alright now that the housekeeping stuff is out of the way I'll get to the fun stuff! Recently I've had another switcharoo of roommates and the only bedroom ceiling I had left unpainted was crying out for attention. It wanted to match! And it also wanted a less cheap-looking light fixture.

Here's the sad and dark before:

I decided to just go with a basic WalMart flushmount for that bedroom. It works because it sits closer to the ceiling and still looks good. The ceilings in the bedrooms aren't super high so cute and dangly chandeliers are out.

Here's the ceiling after a fresh coat of paint. Looks wayyy better right?

And the new light from the hallway! I love the way that doing little things makes such a huge difference. New fresh and shiny ceiling and light fixture. Yay!

It makes the room seem sooo much bigger. It's fantastic. Plus the new light fixture really makes it look more updated.

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!

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