Little Touches

My kitchen reno is coming along nicely! All of the cabinets are painted, along with the counters and hardware. Yup. Fantastic. There was just one little thing with the cabinets that needed some serious finishing...

The toe kicks.

Here's a shot of the toe kicks before.... 

We used just regular trim molding for the toe kicks and of course painted them white! (Ignore the gap, I plan on putting more trim around the dishwasher to make it look a little better.) I bought two long things of molding from Lowe's for $7.20 a piece and made a total of 6 cuts for the entire kitchen. 

Here's a wider shot of the new toe kicks...

And a little closer....

Definitely dresses up the kitchen and gives it a far more finished look. Plus it blends really well with the molding in the living room which gives it that cohesive look that I love so much!

The cats are in love with the new kitchen rugs.... I dunno why but they just roll around all over em.

Here's a final shot of the cabinets with the new toe kicks in. Looks awesome! Yay! :)

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  1. The little touches are always so important. They can be the difference between looking finished and unfinished!

    Silly cats!


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