Accessorize Me Cap'n

I love accessories. Probably my most favorite thing when it comes to any decorating-ness. I just love it. So when I order things off Etsy and then come home and find these lovely things in my mailbox....

I get super excited!

Check out the over the sink wall space area (yeah I know the light isn't centered, that's just how it is) it was so blank! It was crying out for color!

So I gave it what it needs! And it looks fantastic! It's a vinyl wall decal that I ordered and it looks great! It wasn't too hard to put on but definitely recommend following the directions closely. Obviously Lucy was very excited by the new decal as well. 

(Ignore the bad paint on top, I still have to trim out the wall paper) So I've had these three little vases for as long as I can remember. I bought them at Pier 1 roughly close to forever ago. And they always looked great! But they started to just blend into the wall paper completely. White on white...

Here's a little bit farther out.... My pink teapot actually works so much better in the kitchen now then it did before the redo!

So I found these three tiny mini-Moroccan looking lanterns at Hobby Lobby! I love the greens and blues, and of course... white.

They look super cute! Plus they match the new kitchen even better. I love new accessories! It's awesome!

What is your favorite kind of accessory to use? Are a vase addict like I am?

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  1. Getting packages in the mail is the best feeling ever! I love the new pops of color!


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