Cabinet Assembled!

I have assembled my new cabinet! The lovely guy I bought off Course I didn't realize that when I opened the box I would find a whole bunch of different pieces...

Thank you Overstock. But it was fairly easy to follow the directions and assemble the cabinet. Clearly with Lucy's assistance. Its just the right size for the bathroom now!

It  looks so pretty and classy! It will match the new color scheme amazingly! I'm just waiting to put it up until after I finish painting the bathroom. I was going to buy new paint but I need to do this redo as cheap as possible and I have almost an entire half gallon of paint left from my master bath that I may just reuse for the small space. I was considering doing stripes again? We'll have to see!

It's got plenty of space to hold tooth brushes and other small things that girls need in the bathroom. How exciting! Can't wait to show you the whole thing!

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  1. Overstock is really coming through lately! I bought my office curtains from there and your new cabinet is amazing! I might have to check them out more often. Oh, and that was really nice of Lucy to help you put it together! :)


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