Wow! I have been out of it this week! Let's just say that it's been back to midterms week... thankfully one of my last as an undergraduate student. (Collective applause cue!) 

Anyways! We all know that I've been on this ultra vintage kick... I just love vintage. I am also going to be a teacher. If you put these two things together you get...


Practically a thing of the past, even our boards at the school are what's now called "smartboards." Seriously. No pens, markers, erasers... Nada. Just an interactive board.

So my roomie and I decided to bring back the beauty of chalk boards.... super cheap like.

I took these 1.99 frames from Salvation Army and simply removed the glass...

Which I then covered in Chalkboard Spray paint! Yay!

Since it was sunshiney outside and the board is black it took it probably less then two and a half minutes to dry, I was going to spray paint the frames white but when I put the black back into the frame it gave it this timeless vintage feel,which I love. (Lucy walked across the words... cat...)

We are going to put these up in our new entry way area once I get it all rearranged. Plus a big mirror, so we can check ourselves out on the way out the door. hehe. Just another element to our gallery wall!

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  1. Cute! And you just reminded me that I have a barely used can of chalkboard paint in my stash! Looks like I'm going to have to do a Meaghan inspired chalkboard project soon!


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