Friday, March 30, 2012

Glamorous Glamorous!

Seeing as I am working hard on my March Madness Before and After project I figured I should show you my favorite part of the whole cosmetic face lift that I did in the bathroom! 

Remember the traditional, classy, though remarkable boring shower curtain that previously existed? 

Well of course Pinterest has this lovely way of reminding you that what you have... isn't the best that you could have. My roommate found this gorgeous set up:

So amazingly gorgeous right??? Who would have thought a shower could look more like a luxurious window? And I don't mean like the weird draw back ones that you see in old homes that haven't been updated in the last 30 or 40 years.

We decided to do our own version... using the existing curtain rod we pulled it all the way up to the ceiling and took some inexpensive 98" curtains from IKEA for 12.99. Love IKEA.

I used two separate shower curtain liners for each panel. I have learned from my roommates (after they used it a few times) that longer liners are needed. I'll be ordering those off of soon if I can't find any at Bed, Bath & Beyond soon. I used the original hooks that were still really cute for the inside so that it was also glamorous and bejeweled a little bit inside of the shower. 

It makes the ceiling seem sooo much higher then it used too! I just love it!

And here's a final shot of the new shower curtain set up! It looks so pretty. Luckily it's three girls that are living at my house which allows for the more feminine type of decor. But it makes the small space seem so much bigger.

And your view from the doorway...

Pretty crafty right? I am madly in love. I may or may not have sat in there just admiring my creativity.

My total investment on the new set up was only $12.99. The price of the curtains from IKEA. Pretty great right?


  1. It makes the ceiling look so much higher! Good call! Oh, and BB&B does have longer liners - that's where I bought mine. And I'm coming to steal your hand towels, so don't worry if they are gone one was just me! haha

  2. This is so creative and fun - I love it! :) Questions: So there's a full shower curtain liner on each side? How does that fit - does it bunch at all?

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

    1. There is a full curtain liner on each side, I'm a little obsessive in terms of making sure that water doesn't leak out!

      My roommates have told me that the two full liners do bunch. Essentially they only close the right side of the curtain when they are actually showering.

      What I plan to do is get the longer curtains (Sam@the Junk House says they have 'em at BB&B) and then cute the left side in half to eliminate bunching.



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