A Little Teal Makes Life Better

I love accessorizing my glorious new kitchen. Especially since it's so cute now! My roommate's friend came from Denver (about 4 hours from here) and told me how much she loved my kitchen! It was a great feeling. She even commented on my vintage vibe and everything! Seriously. Made my whole entire day. 

So when I was at Habitat for Humanity (still attempting to find a mirror for my entry way) I came across these lovely mugs!

Now certainly I have a massive amount of mugs so these ones were purely for decoration. Lucky for me there were 4 of them. I decided to break up the white against white of my backsplash to cabinet. I had some little white hooks already from another cabinet. (Thank you previous owners for leaving something useful.)

I selected the desired location....

The whole process took me about 6 minutes. I used my little Ryobi drill and made 4 holes under the cabinet and simply hand screwed the hooks in....

 Check it out! Totally cute right? They almost look like Fiesta ware! Though of course they aren't since they were only .49 cents at a thrift store. But! Still teal and cute.

Now it designates our coffee area! And looks awesome. I won't even lie. 


  1. I love the teal mugs next to the lemon print! Teal and yellow makes me happy!


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