March Madness: Guest Bath

Since both of my roommates are out of town for the entire week of Spring Break I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for me to catch up on finishing that guest bath. So as you already saw here's the before pictures again:

Remember this broken up and hideous fellow?

After many hours in Lowe's, Home Depot, and at local thrift stores and Restores, my roommate Karly (who is amazing P.S.) Found this fabulous guy on! It's much smaller but still offers that classic look that I personally like and that the roommates desperately need in that small bathroom. The little shelves will be great for accessorizing! Totally looking forward to getting him in the mail! And at $51.00 he was the least expensive option that we were able to find!

Since we're going with a clean classic look I went to this particular photo for inspiration! I love. Love. LOVE. The shower curtains and you better believe that it will be happening in my guest bath! I think that it will first of all hide all the bottles and soaps, etc. Plus it will make it look less cramped if we can move the curtains to the side. I prefer the curtain closed cuz I think the inside looks messy but the roommates love it open because they don't want someone (ahem. Lucy-cat) to jump out of the curtain.

It's all about compromise! Plus the added height looks awesome.

I took down the ugly stripes that I hate so much and started the process of puttying the walls. Which is also something that I wouldn't put on my top 100 list.

Ahhh such a beautiful void of space that used to be a big ole broken cabinet. So lovely.

I do plan on painting the crown molding and replacing the vent cover in there also. The corner round used to look awesome with the former paint color but it's been through a lot of abuse and needs a little refinishing.

Still have a lot of work ahead but at least I have a good game plan! The main items like the vanity and shower and tiling, etc. are already done so really I'm doing a cosmetic before and after but. still. It's gonna be prettier.

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  1. I LOVE that cabinet! It's going to look so good in there! I can't wait to see it all painted. I'm painting my pantry (my March project) this week too. I'm still trying to decide on a color though...


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