Mid Century... Cheap Century

For a long time I've been plagued by the heavy ottoman that I've been using as a coffee table for over a year. It was small, heavy, and didn't really work for what we needed in the living room.

So I ventured off to my local Habitat For Humanity store because I was attempting to find some sort of console table for the entry way and some mirrors. Well no luck on those two options but I did find this guy...

For only $10 dollars! Unbeatable really! He's a little worn out... obviously he's been heavily used by someone. The top part of the table is wood and the legs are obviously steel. Gives that vintage vibe that I love while still being a little trendy.

I plan on sanding him down and perhaps doing a darker-deeper colored stain to give him a fresh look for this century.

This pic is a little dark but you can tell how much better the table works in the space.

And of course Lucy tested out the comfort level of the new table. She laid on it for several hours. I'd say it passes the test.

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  1. Great find! I feel like I haven't been thrifting very much lately and that makes me sad...I think we both know what I'll be doing this weekend!

    Silly Lucy!


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