I've decided fairly recently that the wall art in the living room needs new life. Translation: I'm totally bored with it. So! I've been scouring blogs and magazines for some new ideas on decorations. I found a great idea where one lady made a print of her address and last name and put it in her mudroom.

Sadly I have no mudroom, double sadly there are three different last names in our casa. 
So I decided to DIY my own version!

First stop was Michael's for 2 frames at 50% off, two sheets of cool looking scrapbook paper and large sticker letters. (If you have a cricut or silhoutte it would have been easier to cut out the text then to use stickers but they were on clearance and it was basically a first try.)

I fit the paper into the frame and used the stickers to form the first framed image:

And since the idea of just doing one last name didn't really work out I just decided to put "Welcome to Our Home."

And then I hung them up together! I do really like the idea! I think I may try to kidnap my Mom's CriCut in order to make the text a little better because it's not quite as clean as I would prefer for it too look but it's not too bad either!

Here's a little bit further back view:

Total invest: $12.00

Even though I am not 100% on the letters themselves it really personalizes the space and that's what I like. What do you think?

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  1. I like it...a lot! Do the letters not look good up close? Because from the pictures they look pretty good! Maybe the 'Welcome' seems a little far apart, but the rest turned out great if you ask me!


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