Closet Time

My dear Readers! I have missed you! I apologize for my extended absence. Believe me. I haven't been having fun without you.

This is what the last half of an English Education major's senior semester looks like:

And that's only two of the research papers I've been working on! Can you say... Stressed?But it will all be over soon no matter what happens. Perhaps that is what scares me. But anyways! During my jam packed week I was able to FINALLY get a little action happening in the master bedroom.

By that I mean I have finally put up some closet curtains. (What did you think I was talking about?)

Those are curtains that I bought at IKEA for $12.99 (The same that I used in my recent bathroom redo.) My roommate describes my wardrobe collection as "extensive." I'm not entirely sure where she gets that idea! hehe.

There are a few things I need to do in order for this closet to actually look pretty.

This uglio cabinet needs a face lift. I was perusing around Pinterest and came up with the idea to cover it with the wallpaper I have leftover from my kitchen remodel! Genius! Now... to actually do it....

Along with an impressive amount of clothes and boots I also have a plethora of bags.... and my bins of crafty supplies. All of these need to be reorganized and relocated. I would like to replace those with woven baskets.

Same thing with the photo boxes on this side. I feel as though there are better options for all these things.

I thought I would mention how I managed to get the curtains to hang up. The original idea was to use a cable curtain rod from IKEA. After that went terribly, and hugely upsetting-ly wrong. I forfeited the cable rod and well... improvised. 

These are the hooks you're supposed to use with the cable rod. I got crafty and used the clips to hook onto the curtains and found a lip just behind the metal thing that used to hold the gigantic doors. 

And VIOLA! it worked! I am thinking about buying another set of curtains to give them a "fuller" look. I also want to give them some awesome yellow chevron stripes. Perhaps I'll get around to that this summer... after my fingers fall off from writing research papers!

What do you guys think of the new curtain set up? Do you think it looks better then the gigantic doors?

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  1. Finally! No more week-long blog breaks...mmmk?! I get bored and then I start obsessively stalking your blog waiting for an update...and that makes me feel like a creeper!

    Anyway, I like the new curtains! I think yellow chevron would look awesome! I can't wait to see the cabinet wallpapered and everything all re-organized!


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