Summer Lovin. My Favorites.

I won't lie, I haven't had time to do anything at all exciting in terms of DIY this week. I've been overwhelmed with finals, teaching, projects, and assignments. I must confess I will be relieved when the semester is over and I never have to do a group presentation again. They are definitely my least favorite thing.

But anyways! I thought that I would share my favorite summer products! Just for fun. As a redhead summer is one of my least favorite seasons. I feel as though the sun is seeking out my poor white flesh and that I smell like coconut sunscreen for three solid months. The last couple summers I've tried to find the perfect mix of products. 

Let's call it: "Summer Survival of a Classy Redhead Tool Kit"

or something like that.

First and foremost to understand about redheads is we generally don't tan.
At all.

So I love sunscreen! But hate the smell. Here's some of my favorites:

 I've found this great Cetaphil facial moisturizer that contains SPF 50. Doesn't block your pores, doesn't smell nasty. Awesome. And Neutrogena SPF 100+ is my absolute favorite sunscreen. Especially for my neck and chest. It's light and doesn't have the consistency of glue, which is refreshing if you've ever tried to rub on anything over 60 proof.

Since I can't get a tan I love this Mario Bedescu lotion. It adds some fun shimmer and hydration plus it makes my legs look less shockingly white when I very occasionally wear shorts.

Makeup is also a hard one for redheads. Here's a few of my favorite makeup hits:

I worked at Ulta, the beauty store, for quite awhile and have since developed a fondness for high end makeup. I figure I'm single so I can buy the good stuff. Plus I have always struggled with acne so spending the extra cash on quality is totally worth it to me. BareMinerals Original foundation in "Fair" is my staple item. I love it. It matches my skin tone without making me look ghastly or masked and it keeps me from breaking out a whole lot.

BareMinerals Faux Tan (shiney metallic lid) is also a favorite because it allows me to add a controlled bronzed look without actually having to go into the sun. Total win if you ask me.

Pink nail polish in "Butterflies" by Orly, some volumizing mascara, and fabulous chap stick complete my easy redhead summer needs.

Luckily I do have some house related things to show you!

I've purchased some awesome flower pots! They're from Ross and ranged from $2.99 for the little one to $5.99 for the big ones. Cheap. Even more awesome.

Now just to plant some things in them and try to get them to grow. That will be the challenge. Oh and that's the table from my "Summer to-do list" that I need to put another coat of paint on. Yay.

What is your favorite summer product?

*all products were reviewed by me independently. cuz I'm like that. independent, I mean.

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