Artist's Purpose

The living room was yet another one of those things that I've had on my Summer To-Do List, as I've mentioned before I've had the same artwork and arrangement set up for the last year. Okay, I'll be honest. More like for at least three years. It was time for some advancement in the art department.

Remember the sad and cheap IKEA framed posters that were up before?

My picture quality sucks on this one but! I finally bought some new art work! I've saved up a little bit from my last few paychecks because I wanted something big and awesome for the awkward wall above my TV. I went to Ross this weekend and well... I definitely went BIG!

Here's a better shot of the picture that I bought. I got it for only $49.99 which was a pretty good price for such a large piece. I thought about doing something great and DIY but I really liked this one and I feel like it is definitely what the space was needing! Next thing is a new TV and stand!

I also bought this picture off of I love Target! I tried to find it in the store but it is only available online. Which makes it more fun and unique. I like it because it has both a red head and a bicycle on it. I love both of those things. (source)

I plan to put it just above the bookshelf that I moved around the other day in my entryway rearranging excursion. 

I'm super excited for these new changes it makes a huge difference just walking into the house. Love it.


  1. At least you have something on your walls! The only thing I've hung is a Anyway, that's definitely a good price for such a big piece! It's like a grown up piece of art too. And I'm LOVING the new picture from Target. I can't wait to see it up!

  2. I love your blog!!! You're right, there aren't very many of us doing DIY projects on our own - I'm a new follower.


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