Makin It Pretty!

I have another roommate moving in next weekend who is planning on staying for about 6 months. Which works out perfectly! I graduate in December 2012 and let's face it... I have no idea what I'm doing after that so it works out perfect. She is coming from sort of far away though and really needed a furnished room.

I've really been wanting to have furniture for a guest room. Works out great.

So here was what was in the room before: (remember when it was my office? ahhh miss those days.)

I already had that IKEA rug (just like everyone else in the world) and it's been migrated around the house all over the place. I also had that end table from a previous roommate who couldn't take it with her. Of course the curtains, got a steal on em at Target. I love you Target.

Since I rearranged my desk situation a couple weeks ago I moved my old desk into the bedroom so that there was a desk space. Also added my IKEA lamps that used to be in the living room and a cork board that I bought for my future classroom but has just been sitting in my closet.

Lucy enjoys being in every photo.

Karly left behind these sweet vintage 1970s prints and my mom gave me that small dresser. TV also inherited from somewhere.

I finally nailed up the mirror that has just been leaning against the wall for over a year and behind the door in this little nook is a perfect spot.

Did you notice what was missing in the whole furnishing thing? Yup. A bed. So since I have a motto that single ladies can do just about anything I had to test that out.

By driving my Dad's 1970something Scout Traveller. Let's just say it was one of the first automatics ever created, and it didn't have a review mirror. The pick up box trailer was about as scary to drive as it is to look at.

Using my impressive brawn I was able to wrestle the full sized bed (box spring, mattress, and frame) that I bought from my friend into the house. It was definitely a work out

And here is Lucy of course giving a thorough inspection.

I'm going to Denver the second weekend in June and am going to be buying more curtains for the closet so I decided to take the curtains in my room and put them into the guest rooms so that it would be finished and I wouldn't have to worry about it.

I had this bedding set that I decided to put on the bed. My friend gave me a totally cute set but Pouka decided to over it in her fluffies (the bed set was black and dark grey) and so I decided to switch it for something lighter. New sheets, pillows, and bed skirt. Should work out pretty well!

It's all pretty and fairly neutral which makes it work as a guest bedroom and as a roommate room. Of course if she doesn't like any of it we can definitely move it around or change it. But it seems to pass Lucy's test!

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  1. This looks awesome! I think IKEA should hire you to do the sets for their magazine photos...this post made me want to do a curtain-covered closet in my room too.

    1. Aw! Thanks so much! You totally made my day! Curtains are the best option, especially since I had gigantic closet doors before. Plus it makes it look far more feminine. Which I like. :)

  2. Looks good! And makes me feel like a total slacker for not being able to finish projects like you. In other news, AHHHH! December is going to come so quick!

  3. Oh, and did I miss the post about your new desk set-up? I swear last time I saw your desk area you were using that desk...or am I losing my mind?

  4. Mom said the Scout made your blog! We feel honored I must say. For the record 1977 and a little rough around the edges. There are two outside mirrors silly girl - the one for the windshield is in the console or back seat, I don't remember. It looks like the two of you (the old Scout and you) made out just fine - I called that one. Love you Meaghan, Dad


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