Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Flowers

Since we have worked so diligently at making the inside of our house as pretty as possible, we decided that the outside needed a little love too.

Even trailers can be cute!

So we went on an adventure into the garden department and found some lovely plants.
I kept shouting to my roommate that we were in nature! It's sort of a joke since I'm a redhead I don't go outside much in the summer during the day. (It hit about 90 degrees here last week. Ouch.)

Here is our plant purchases!

So pretty right? We also bought some new lights for along the front walk. These ones are a very pretty copper which looks way better then our cheapy $1.00 black ones. Though I bought a few of those for by the driveway. Hey! They're only a dollar!

This was Lucy's position the entire time Karly and I were working on the plants outside. She an see straight out the front screen door.

We took out all of our plants and pots and assessed what needed to be done. Aside from sweeping off the porch.

And then! We started planting! I didn't want to sit on the ground and get dirty so I squatted the whole time, which is why my legs look funny. Hehe.

 And this is Karly's begonia that she is most proud of. It lives in it's own little yellow sunshine pot.

My Mom goes on sprees where she cleans out her entire shed or garage and gets rid of a bunch of things. Like old clay pots that she never uses. Well I've never used them either so we decided to give them some new life so they didn't just look like cheap clay pots. How you ask?

Why spray paint of course! We used Oil Rubbed Bronze on the pots in order to give them a new look.

Like I said my legs look funny but the painting looks good!

While the other pots were drying I got to work planting in my new pretty pots from Ross. The sticker said they were handcrafted in Vietnam.

Here is what we have so far for our planting, it makes the front look great! We still want to get something for the step by the front door but that's a couple weeks away.

Oh and we did sweep and clean off the front porch and put some of our decorations back up.

I found this random small American flag so I stuck it into one of the pots.  We are very patriotic.

Here's a photo of our grillin' area also. Those yellow daisies are growing well! They are also  fake... I'm good at fake plants. I want to do more with this area, like put up some sort of lighting and decoration and repaint the chairs that are out there.

A parting few shots of our flowers....

And our pretty new copper solar lights!

I am very proud and excited about our pretty new flowers. Little things make it all seem so much better! For just a few dollars it updated our entire look and feeling about walking up our front steps. 

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  1. Yay! They look so cheery! You should come visit and plant flowers for me! haha! My front yard is seriously lame. Honestly though, it would look a lot worse if I didn't have an HOA forcing me to keep it weed-free. OK, flowers are on the to-do list now! I even had pretty pots waiting for flowers until someone (Ringo) thought they were toys and broke them all!

  2. How sweet, Meaghan! Looks like you are all ready for Summer 2012! Painting pots oil-rubbed bronze is brilliant... so trend forward!
    I love your copper lights. I am looking out for them!!!!!

  3. Even Lucy seems impressed (for as much as a cat can be)!!

    Love your flowers and your fabulous fun yellow filled porch!

    Gotta love a gal who will spray paint and plant while squatting (you'll have the best quads in town)!

    So glad you joined our Outdoors party!

  4. AHAHHHH! where did you get the cute yellow pillows???? I.MUST.HAVE!


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