Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Look and Outdoor Walls

As you can see I've been making some updates and changes to my blog trying to get it all prettied up for the summer. I've neglected it for the last couple months and it needs some love! So just hang with me while I get it all situated! And if you have any suggestions feel free to email me at or comment.

 But moving onward to home related things. I've been tossing around some ideas for sprucing up my front porch space.

Here's what it currently looks like:

That one lone star is the only wall decoration that I have up. And it's been there since the first summer I've owned the house. I'm trying to think of some other ways to decorate that big ole blank wall.

I've seen some really cool "urban gardens:"

I really like this one because it seems really natural. Also looks like I could make that out of free wood pallets. Free. Love that.


I've seen these little guys all over the place and the more I see them the more I like them. I think they would be fun in the concrete area where we keep the grill. They'd be up and out of the way but would add some interest and greenery. Perhaps I could do my own version with one big pot and then several little ones around it? Hmmm. 

This may be a better solution! I could find some wall scones from the thrift store or something that are supposed to be used for candles and instead find a way to use them for some cheap clay pots that have been spray painted. That way I'm not drilling any major holes into the exterior walls and I can paint them any color and change them around. I think I like this idea better. 

What do you think? What have you seen that is a great, easy, and preferably low maintenance outdoor wall goodness?


  1. Love the touches of yellow. Perfect for the summer :)

  2. I like the blog changes so far!

    I love those "urban gardens" and I think one would look amazing in your front yard! I think that last picture would be the easiest to create.


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