Puppy Love Update

My little baby doggie Sebastian is adjusting quite well to his new home and family. He's actually been a lot of fun to have around. Minus the whole biting thing... gotta figure that out. He's basically potty trained only a couple of accidents and has grown accustom to his new kennel. We also gave him a bath! Since he's so small we decided to do it in the sink... here's some photos of the event. Obviously he's totally thrilled.

He kept trying to climb out and hide in my shoulder hence the apron.

And here he is all squeaky clean! So cute! And tiny!

Just to put a perspective on how small he is...

 My friend Brandi who lives in Salt Lake City made this adorable bed for my kittens. Well... they are snobs and won't sleep on it but Sebastian loves it!

He always wakes up to the sound of the camera which is super adorable. I like the way that Lucy is looking at him from above on the counter. Spoiled animals. lol

He's so sweet and is such an awesome little guy. He went to his first vet appointment and passed with flying colors. Yay for my little puppy. My friend described him as smart but goofy... I guess that's why he and I are such good buddies.

Musical Chairs

My list of projects always seems so much longer then my list of things that I've completed. Oh well, that's part of the fun. I have found a few more for the list also! I'm sure you've seen a couple of these before but I've decided that my chairs are lacking. They need some excitement... some fervor... okay really they need a make over.

Check out my stained up dining chairs. Gross. They are a solid cherry wood and have a very traditional construction, I don't have it in me to paint them because the wood is so beautiful but definitely some new fabric on the seats. I found some awesome stuff at Hobby Lobby... thinking that may be what they need!

My basic Target barstools are also quite sad. I would love to add some color to them somehow. I recently saw where someone took Annie Sloan chalk paint and painted similar barstools and gave them an awesome vintage flare with numbers on the seats. I thought that might something I could do with these guys fairly inexpensively.

Yup. They look cheap... definitely need some loving and attention. They also blend in with the floor which has always been weird to me.

This is a little random. But I feel like spray painting this plastic stool. It's ugly and beige. Icky. Spray paint will fix it!

Speaking of spray paint! I have decided that this wingback chair (currently covered with a sheet. yup. a sheet) needs to be painted! I found some upholstery paint online and I'm definitely thinking this floral monster needs to experience that. I was thinking navy blue and painting the legs white. It would be a nice dark contrast to the light couches, and hopefully cover up some of the flowers.

Plus the sheet looks awful! Do you have any homely chairs that you have been hiding around your house with bed linens or any other textiles?

Colorado Adventures #2: Country Jam 2012

This summer has been one of the best I've had so far. I have had a lot of fun enjoying my friends and family! My most recent adventure was to what we call Country Jam. It's also known as "Colorado's Favorite Party." Basically it's a huge field of dirt, dust, scantily clad individuals, and a whole lot of fun. Though it gets hot. Hot. HOT. It was 100 degrees each day that we were out there.

We brought our Styrofoam cooler with us and filled it up with beer and water bottles. This year's line up was fantastic. If you are a country fan (which I love all types of music, I grew up on country though) you'll appreciate that I got to see Justin Moore, Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton... just to name a few! So much fun!

 I was able to spend the weekend with some of my best girlfriends from high school. I only have a few of them left so I really cherish these three ladies. The lovely lady in the photo above is Kendall, and Courtney is in the photo below. We are fedora friends!

Pretty good Facebook picture with the arm and everything right? Totally love it. In the photo below is Alisa, we were having a tan comparison contest. I believe that I lost. But I will say (and quite proudly) that I have accepted my white-hood and did not get any sunburn at all, whatsoever! Awesome!

It was a great time! I spent too much money, wore a lot of sunscreen, and just had a good time enjoying music with my friends. I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I have some puppy updates as well as some house related posts coming too you this week. Happy Monday!

Organization is the Game

So I've decided that I really need more storage in my room. I've gotten some more with my desk rearranging a couple weeks ago, added the bookcase where I store my boots and now have hooks on the walls for some of my bags. Either I have too many clothes or not enough storage...

Quite clearly not enough storage!

This is my bedroom set up right now:

It's been working out really well for the last 4 years but the little tiny nightstands that I bought when I was 18 are starting to fall apart. They are simple build em yourself big box store nightstands and they just don't hold much of... well.... anything. That and they have zero presence and there's odd space on either side of the bed.

 I've seen around blogland where people have taken small 3 to 4 drawer dressers and converted them into nightstands. They're a good height and have plenty of room for all of my clothes  essentials. I'm thinking that this would be a much better solution to my lack of storage issue as well as be an awesome DIY project.

Here's an example I found as inspiration:

I've already checked out my local Craigslist and well... there's nothing. So I'm hoping to stop by some garage sales and thrift stores this Friday to see if I can find anything. I'm okay with the dressers being a little different and needing a lot of paint. Just think of all the space I could get! Plus would get a lot of things off the floor.... ohhh the excitement!

Are You a Follower?

With all of the technical social media craziness that has been going recently I thought I would do an update on all the places you can find This Messy Business out in the social media realm.
I haven't done an update on at least a year, so it's about time!

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My newest love is Instagram! It's been so much fun to post pictures of my new puppy, the kittens, and all the other shenanigans that I seem to be up to. My username on Instagram is: missmcds 
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Geesh that seems like a lot of social networking! The things that smartphones have done to society right? Just kidding. But feel free to leave me a comment with your info or just follow and I will follow you back! 

I look forward to seeing you out in the social media world!

Summer Before Project: Look Up!

So since I like to copy Sam at The Junk House all the time. (hehe Hi friend!) I have decided to join her in the summer link up party action that is going on. What is my project you wonder? Well here's a clue...

You'd think it would be fixing my lights... okay well that's sort of part of it. My big summer project is to paint my jail cell ceilings. The disadvantage to living in a manufactured home is that there are very weird things that the builders did when assembling the home. Such as making the ceilings look all weird. Super weird. Death yellow and beige weird. Obviously not my favorite.

See how uglio that is? I'd prefer to drywall it all and make it pretty but let's face it that's a lot of work and probably wouldn't get much return on it. So to be practical and get what I want I must use the power of white paint!

It's worked wonders on all the other ceilings in the house such as the guest bedrooms...

I also want to paint the big ole beam and the trim that is up around the ceiling to really update the space. You know, de-trailer-ify it. That's always my goal. Good thing I have a couple months to get it done!

Baby News!

I have an announcement to make! I have a new addition in my home! Seeing as I have decided to put dating on hold for a few months I decided that I really needed someone to keep me company.

 Everyone I am proud to introduce you to my little Sebastian Lee! 

He is soooo ridiculously cute it's not even funny! He's about 10 weeks old and is a miniature Schnauzer. He'll only be between 6 and 10 pounds. Which is perfect sized for my 1250sq ft house and small yard. Just to give you an idea just how very tiny he is... this is him standing next to the yard light.

Yup! He's very small. He is also very spoiled already! He is kennel trained so he sleeps in there at night and when I'm at work. Not to worry though I have two roommates who play with him when they get home so he's only in there for 3 hour stretches at most.

Here's me with my handsome baby doggie!

He's very snuggly and already recognizes that I'm his Momma, which is super cute! He still has to get his shots and do all that but he's been wonderful so far. I definitely did not get any projects done this weekend because I was playing with the puppy. hehe

If you follow me on Instagram @missmcds (that's my username) then you will see wayyy more pictures of this little guy as well as my cats and other random goodness! I love Instagram.


I've been really enjoying decorating my entryway! It's sooo much better then it used to be! Are you ready?

Check it out!

And of course Lucy snuck into that picture. I am pretty sure that 90% of all my photos have that cat in them. Hmmm. Someone likes attention. Anyways. I found this mirror at Ross for $14.99 and it had the perfect vintage/wood flair that I needed to coordinate with that vanity table. I feel like it needs more art and decor around it but that could take me a little time to get just right.

We went shopping around the house for some pieces that would work really well on top. We found this sweet globe at a thrift store for $2.99, vintage looking lamp came from HomeGoods in Salt Lake City, little silver plate was a Goodwill find for .99 cents. Those old books are about 100 years old a piece. They actually came out of my Great Grandpa's house in Minnesota, something that I treasure.

I also received my new picture in the mail from Target.com! It was awesome! Apparently there is also a type of wine bottle that has the same emblem. I almost bought it! But I didn't... I'm sure it'll happen.

See how great that looks?

Gosh. I just love it!

I also moved the piano bench that was originally in the dining room over into the living room. The ottoman was just too big for that spot and the bench works much better. And of course Lucy was in the picture. Pretty sure I was watching HGTV. hehe.

PS! I'm headed to Denver/Fort Collins this weekend to visit my really good friend Kendall! and IKEA!

File This Away

Filing cabinets are ugly. Let's face it, they never really look that great. But they are functional and as you become a grown up they seem almost necessary. Suddenly you have to keep track of insurance information, credit card agreements, leases, car titles, bills, medical things... the list keeps going.

But did I mention they are ugly?

Check out the monster in my closet:

Yup. I'll admit it. It was pretty bad. It was also very messy. Over a year ago I decided it would be a grand idea to spray paint it lime green.

That was a bad idea.

I have quite a bit of paintable wallpaper left over from when I did my kitchen and have been trying to think of other ways that I could use it.

Filing cabinet, meet paintable wallpaper!

Since the usual method of applying wallpaper involves getting the paper wet and then applying it to a wall. Well that doesn't work quite the same with a metal file cabinet. So I used handy dandy spray adhesive! That stuff is amazing and it's only $6.99. You can get it at almost any craft store!

Obviously I need to cut my grass. But I laid the cabinet on the side so that I could do one at a time. I definitely suggest wearing plastic gloves when working with spray adhesive because it gets sticky and gets all over the place.

I did the same thing on the other side of the cabinet. I cut a small piece for the bottom edge of the cabinet, making sure that the tiles line up.

It was actually fairly quick and easy. To cover all the sides only took me a few minutes. I used a razor to cut down the excess on the sides to get a good fit.

After everything was attached I used regular white gloss spray paint and covered the entire thing with several coats. I also spray painted the drawers the same white color.

The plain white drawers still looked a little too "file-cabinet-y" so I added this wallpaper border I found on clearance an eon ago to give it some classic personality.

And here's the final product:

I love the difference! I think for the first time it went pretty well. It still looks a little filing cabinet-y but hey. At least now it's a classy cabinet!

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Colorado Summer Adventure #1

I've decided since I will be graduating college in December and really have no idea where I'm going after that fateful event, I really need to get out and explore the state and scenery that I love so much. Single lady style. So my first mini adventure was to go on a hike. I haven't gone on a hike since last summer and since I had surgery in February I've been slow getting back into a lot of activities that I love. I remember my family and I going on many long hikes in the summer and I wanted to be reminded of that.

And of course I took my camera so I could give you guys a tour!

These sweeping views never cease to amaze me... it looks almost unreal.

Just to give you an idea of how much of the Grand Valley you can see from the top of the trail....

No make up on the journey but it was a lot of fun! I had my REI SPF 30 shirt on plus SPF 100 sunscreen. My CamelBak was awesome. Had so much fun!

This trail was originally a motor way for residents that lived in an area called Glade Park to drive down into town. It's about 7.75 miles long and steep! Back in the 1920s when it was originally built there was no such thing as fuel pumps so vehicles would have to back up the mountain in order to use gravity to move fuel.

This is some of the most interesting scenery on this side of Colorado. That's what I love about it here, you can have lush green forests in one direction, in the other you can find raw landscape.

Oh! And we have lizardsss!

This sort of shows you have far down you have to hike.... pretty amazing. In less then an hour and a half I walked up and down a mountain.

I just love Colorado! I hope that you guys enjoyed going on my little journey! I'm planning to post several more of these trips so stay tuned!