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With all of the technical social media craziness that has been going recently I thought I would do an update on all the places you can find This Messy Business out in the social media realm.
I haven't done an update on at least a year, so it's about time!

Of course if you are a reader, but not yet a follower you can always follow the blog through Google Friend Connect in the side bar and you can also enter in your email if you prefer that method too. That way you'll never miss anything!

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I also am an avid Pinterest lover so you can catch up with me via that method also, click {here} to find me and get to pinning! I pin all sorts of things from fashion to recipes (though I admit I have never actually made any of them. lol)

My newest love is Instagram! It's been so much fun to post pictures of my new puppy, the kittens, and all the other shenanigans that I seem to be up to. My username on Instagram is: missmcds 
Feel free to find me and I will follow you back!

But wait! There's more!

I've also been known to Twitter a little bit. I'm still getting used to the idea of Twitter but you can always follow me on there too, if you so desire. My username for some Twitter action is: @meaghanstunning

And of course there's always the ole Facebook! You can find the blog on there by clicking {here} I'm trying to keep that as updated as possible. 

Geesh that seems like a lot of social networking! The things that smartphones have done to society right? Just kidding. But feel free to leave me a comment with your info or just follow and I will follow you back! 

I look forward to seeing you out in the social media world!

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  1. I just joined 2 minutes ago. You're the first person I'm following. My name is samtjh22.


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