Baby News!

I have an announcement to make! I have a new addition in my home! Seeing as I have decided to put dating on hold for a few months I decided that I really needed someone to keep me company.

 Everyone I am proud to introduce you to my little Sebastian Lee! 

He is soooo ridiculously cute it's not even funny! He's about 10 weeks old and is a miniature Schnauzer. He'll only be between 6 and 10 pounds. Which is perfect sized for my 1250sq ft house and small yard. Just to give you an idea just how very tiny he is... this is him standing next to the yard light.

Yup! He's very small. He is also very spoiled already! He is kennel trained so he sleeps in there at night and when I'm at work. Not to worry though I have two roommates who play with him when they get home so he's only in there for 3 hour stretches at most.

Here's me with my handsome baby doggie!

He's very snuggly and already recognizes that I'm his Momma, which is super cute! He still has to get his shots and do all that but he's been wonderful so far. I definitely did not get any projects done this weekend because I was playing with the puppy. hehe

If you follow me on Instagram @missmcds (that's my username) then you will see wayyy more pictures of this little guy as well as my cats and other random goodness! I love Instagram.


  1. He's SO cute! And tiny! Awww, you can tell that he already loves his mama. You are going to love having him around!

  2. He's adorable! My parents have a miniature schnauzer and she's the most wonderful company ever...congratulations!


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