Colorado Summer Adventure #1

I've decided since I will be graduating college in December and really have no idea where I'm going after that fateful event, I really need to get out and explore the state and scenery that I love so much. Single lady style. So my first mini adventure was to go on a hike. I haven't gone on a hike since last summer and since I had surgery in February I've been slow getting back into a lot of activities that I love. I remember my family and I going on many long hikes in the summer and I wanted to be reminded of that.

And of course I took my camera so I could give you guys a tour!

These sweeping views never cease to amaze me... it looks almost unreal.

Just to give you an idea of how much of the Grand Valley you can see from the top of the trail....

No make up on the journey but it was a lot of fun! I had my REI SPF 30 shirt on plus SPF 100 sunscreen. My CamelBak was awesome. Had so much fun!

This trail was originally a motor way for residents that lived in an area called Glade Park to drive down into town. It's about 7.75 miles long and steep! Back in the 1920s when it was originally built there was no such thing as fuel pumps so vehicles would have to back up the mountain in order to use gravity to move fuel.

This is some of the most interesting scenery on this side of Colorado. That's what I love about it here, you can have lush green forests in one direction, in the other you can find raw landscape.

Oh! And we have lizardsss!

This sort of shows you have far down you have to hike.... pretty amazing. In less then an hour and a half I walked up and down a mountain.

I just love Colorado! I hope that you guys enjoyed going on my little journey! I'm planning to post several more of these trips so stay tuned!


  1. I'm a Colorado girl too! Thank you so much for this post, even though I still live in Colorado, I live in the city with a questionable car so I haven't been able to view the scenery in quite awhile. Definitely a sight for sore eyes :) thanks again!

  2. Ah, so pretty! It kind of looks like Arizona. I love the "My house is here" caption.

    Sunscreen is key! Us pale girls know better than to venture out without it!

  3. Yay for Colorado Girls! I feel like Katy Perry should write a song about us!


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