Organization is the Game

So I've decided that I really need more storage in my room. I've gotten some more with my desk rearranging a couple weeks ago, added the bookcase where I store my boots and now have hooks on the walls for some of my bags. Either I have too many clothes or not enough storage...

Quite clearly not enough storage!

This is my bedroom set up right now:

It's been working out really well for the last 4 years but the little tiny nightstands that I bought when I was 18 are starting to fall apart. They are simple build em yourself big box store nightstands and they just don't hold much of... well.... anything. That and they have zero presence and there's odd space on either side of the bed.

 I've seen around blogland where people have taken small 3 to 4 drawer dressers and converted them into nightstands. They're a good height and have plenty of room for all of my clothes  essentials. I'm thinking that this would be a much better solution to my lack of storage issue as well as be an awesome DIY project.

Here's an example I found as inspiration:

I've already checked out my local Craigslist and well... there's nothing. So I'm hoping to stop by some garage sales and thrift stores this Friday to see if I can find anything. I'm okay with the dressers being a little different and needing a lot of paint. Just think of all the space I could get! Plus would get a lot of things off the floor.... ohhh the excitement!


  1. You can never have too many clothes! Unless they are ugly/out-dated, but I'm assuming yours aren't because you are adorable and I've never seen you dressed in anything I haven't wanted to steal.

    I like the idea of dressers as nightstands. I actually think it looks really good when they don't match (says the person with matching nightstands). I love that inspiration picture - I'd like to take that whole room and move it into my house!

  2. Good luck finding your dresser/nightstands! I think it's so cute to have mismatched nightstands but then paint them the same color. And your bedroom is so cute - I'm really loving the couch at the end of your bed! :)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies


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