Thursday, June 28, 2012

Puppy Love Update

My little baby doggie Sebastian is adjusting quite well to his new home and family. He's actually been a lot of fun to have around. Minus the whole biting thing... gotta figure that out. He's basically potty trained only a couple of accidents and has grown accustom to his new kennel. We also gave him a bath! Since he's so small we decided to do it in the sink... here's some photos of the event. Obviously he's totally thrilled.

He kept trying to climb out and hide in my shoulder hence the apron.

And here he is all squeaky clean! So cute! And tiny!

Just to put a perspective on how small he is...

 My friend Brandi who lives in Salt Lake City made this adorable bed for my kittens. Well... they are snobs and won't sleep on it but Sebastian loves it!

He always wakes up to the sound of the camera which is super adorable. I like the way that Lucy is looking at him from above on the counter. Spoiled animals. lol

He's so sweet and is such an awesome little guy. He went to his first vet appointment and passed with flying colors. Yay for my little puppy. My friend described him as smart but goofy... I guess that's why he and I are such good buddies.


  1. Awwww! He is so cute! And so tiny!

    Ringo was a crazy biter when he was a puppy. My hands always looked like I got in a knife fight. It sucked, but he's pretty much outgrown it now. We were lucky that Abby didn't bite.

    He looks so cute getting a bath! Ringo doesn't like baths either...I end up with more water on me than he does when I try to wash him. I pretty much just spray him down with the hose now. I've given up on the bath tub.

    I can't wait to see more pictures of him!

  2. O MY! He is just the cutest little puppy that I have EVER seen! Awww and he looked so little in the sink taking his bath...I'm sure that was an adventure!

    He's SO cute and little - will he get much bigger? What kind of dog is he? I just want to pick him up and play with him :)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  3. Aw I'm glad he likes the bed, he looks so small in it. Chesi like completely fills up hers. I heart your face!!!


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