I've been really enjoying decorating my entryway! It's sooo much better then it used to be! Are you ready?

Check it out!

And of course Lucy snuck into that picture. I am pretty sure that 90% of all my photos have that cat in them. Hmmm. Someone likes attention. Anyways. I found this mirror at Ross for $14.99 and it had the perfect vintage/wood flair that I needed to coordinate with that vanity table. I feel like it needs more art and decor around it but that could take me a little time to get just right.

We went shopping around the house for some pieces that would work really well on top. We found this sweet globe at a thrift store for $2.99, vintage looking lamp came from HomeGoods in Salt Lake City, little silver plate was a Goodwill find for .99 cents. Those old books are about 100 years old a piece. They actually came out of my Great Grandpa's house in Minnesota, something that I treasure.

I also received my new picture in the mail from! It was awesome! Apparently there is also a type of wine bottle that has the same emblem. I almost bought it! But I didn't... I'm sure it'll happen.

See how great that looks?

Gosh. I just love it!

I also moved the piano bench that was originally in the dining room over into the living room. The ottoman was just too big for that spot and the bench works much better. And of course Lucy was in the picture. Pretty sure I was watching HGTV. hehe.

PS! I'm headed to Denver/Fort Collins this weekend to visit my really good friend Kendall! and IKEA!

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  1. I'm jealous of your globe...I've been looking for a globe for one of the shelves on my entertainment center! I like your new Target artwork too. It looks soooo good in that spot.


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