Home Selling: Update

It has been a few weeks since I made my big announcement about moving out of my house after I graduate from college. As everyone, everywhere, knows the market has sort of taken a dip since 2008 when I bought my house.

Unfortunately, Colorado has also fallen victim to that same dip in the market. At this point we are not able to sell the house for what we put in to it, we have another plan to redo a few things and have my parents take over the house as a rental property until the market swings up enough for us to sell

It's a little disappointing, but I won't have to go crazy nuts cleaning all the time. In the meantime I've found a really fun website where I can look at houses in different areas and even get neighborhood specific, which is nice when I live far away. It's called Redfin. It's pretty neat!

I've decided I want to find something that is at least:
  • three bedroom
  • two bathroom
  • 1200+ sq ft
  • has an enclosed attached garage
  • a fixer upper
I'm looking at foreclosures because they are a much better deal for teachers, and also I love being able to blog about renovations. I'm excited! Only 5 more months!

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

Colorado Adventures: Durango Visit

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to go on a little mini vacation to see my big brother, Aaron, in Durango, Colorado. It was so much fun! It was the first time all summer that I had been able to get out of town and I couldn't think of anyone more fun to go visit then my big brother.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw a lot of photos from the weekend but I wanted to share some that I couldn't capture on my smart phone. 

Here's the drive through the San Juan Mountains on our way to Durango...

And there's me driving! Yay!

Sebastian was camped out on my lap almost the entire time, I brought his kennel with us but I think with three girls in the car there was too much action for him to miss out on.

And more driving...

A lot of small towns in Colorado are known for their impressive and beautiful murals, like this one that we saw at a restaurant we ate at in Ouray, Colorado.

The pass that we went over is called Red Mountain Pass. Any guess why?

When we finally got there I was able to see my big brother! The family resemblance is stunning right? It was definitely good to see him!

As the menfolk prepared the barbeque my roommate, Ali, and I sat on this lovely double foldy chair and watched. Sebastian is doing his best koala impression. Good work pup.

Everyone decided to go float the river on Saturday, I'm not much of a water lover so Sebastian and I went to the dog park. In Durango, you have to hike to get to the dog park. Geesh. Mountain towns.

After the dog park I went downtown Durango to do a little exploring and I had so much fun! I of course found a totally cute bike to take a photo of :)

And this really cool old hotel! It was such a fun and awesome vibe downtown and I really enjoyed it. I think I was down there for several hours.

Sebastian took the trip quite easily because he just got a free ride in my purse the whole time. He totally loved it. I couldn't get him to come out.

Here's the photo of all of us before we went out to some of the little bars and pubs downtown on Saturday night, Christine is on the left, me, Sebastian, and Ali. Great trip and great times!

Feeding Frenzy

I've decided that if I make anything else for my house it has to be entirely useful and 100% move-able and convenient. So that may sort of limit some of my DIY projects but it will make me a little less crazy when the time comes to move. And believe me, no one likes crazy.

With three animals all in the house all the time, I've decided that I need to come up with some sort of new food storage idea for the puppy. He loves cat food, but cat food is bad for his tiny little tumtum. So I found this awesome idea on Pinterest:

Right?? Awesome. It's just made out of a small dresser. My mission this week is to try and find a small dresser for super cheap and then see if my dad will help me convert it into something like this. Painting will be easy and so will the knobs. Just need someone with a little carpentry. And since Sebastian is kinda short... maybe a dresser with a drawer closer to the ground. haha.

Sexy! And I Know It!

This announcement is largely unrelated to anything DIY or house like. But it's still pretty awesome. As everyone knows I've grown up here in Colorado essentially my entire life, and I've met some really great people along the way. Just like anywhere else it's not always about what you know, but rather who you know. And I just so happen to know a really awesome author! Personally!

Her name is Patti Hill and she was my fifth grade Sunday School teacher. Patti and her husband own a gardening store called Bookcliff Gardens here in town. It's pretty awesome. Well Patti has written several books (you can find them all here on her website) and recently got the rights back for a few of them. A series  called "The Garden Gate" series. Now Patti wants to turn those into Ebooks to sell for Kindles and other ereaders online. The problem is that she has to supply covers for the ebooks herself.

Here's the original covers:

The character in the novels is actually about ten years older then I am (I'm 22. Yay.) But Patti asked me to be her model for the covers of her ebooks. Pretty sweet right? Sure they're not published but how many people can say they are on the cover of any books?? I'm pretty excited. I am also quite grateful that tall redheads are in short supply around here. I'll keep you posted on the progress!

Happy Wednesday! :)

The One Year Chair

Today I shall tell you the tale of the One Year Chair. My Mom found me this old office chair at Goodwill for 3.99 neigh on one year ago. It was for the room that once was my office and is now my roommate's bedroom. It was ugly, scratchy and had a horrible fabric. But it had a really cool shape. I spray painted the wood an ivory color and took off the seat..

And then I bought this amazingly awesome fabric from Hobby Lobby....

And that is how it remained for a year. Sitting in my Mom's craft room. Entirely useless. Until one day my Dad decided that he was tired of looking at it and was going to make it really pretty for me!

So he peeled off the back panels of fabric.

He very carefully lined up the pattern so that it fit nice and snug.

He measured and cut, measured and cut. Until it was perfectly fit.

Now thanks to my amazing father I have a gorgeous chair that I can sit in while I brush my long flowing Rapunzel-esqe tresses in my glorious master bathroom

I also have the best parents ever. Thank you!

Summer To Do List: Front Closet. Check.

Sorry for my post delay.... I found out that my computer has a mean virus on it and it is slowly dying. I've had it since 2007 so it's not too surprising that it didn't survive my college career. Hopefully I can at least get another month out of it. Anyone have recommendations for a good desktop? I want a lap top but not until a little further down the road.

Anyways! I finally got another project marked off my To-Do list for the summer. Reorganizing the front closet. I didn't do anything magical to it but it sure looks wayyy better.

Here's the chaotic before:

I suppose you could call me a paint hoarder. I don't have a garage so the only place that we can store paint is inside. Which turns into a fiasco like this:

Since we are working on selling/renting out/I"m moving away with the house, I removed most of the paint because I will simply use it to do touch ups or repaint certain areas as needed. I marked and labeled all of the other paint and neatly stacked it. I only left 4 cans and decided I have to use the rest or take it to the recycling place.

In my next house I will definitely have more closets then just this one. But it has a lot in it. All of my jackets, snowboard gear, paint, XBOX boxes, and extra linens. I'm a girl with a lot of stuff! Which I'm really discovering as I go through things to get rid of/Goodwill.

Yay for some organizational progress!

Just a Bunch of Scrappin'

Well our meeting with the realtor went very well this weekend, she came over and checked out the house and left a bunch of paper work in terms of the comparable houses in the area. I felt like there should be an HGTV camera crew nearby or something. She did tell me that my house looked like something out of "Country Living" magazine. I don't think my house is country but hey! I'll take the magazine reference!

Anyways, the only problem that we're facing is that we bought my house way above value back in 2008 so basically what we still owe on it is more then it is currently worth on the market. We are weighing our various options to see if making a sale is still a good choice or just reworking it so that I am not on the loan and it's an income property for my parents. It's been a bit stressful.

There were some things that the realtor, henceforth referred to as Carol, suggested that we do in order to make sure we get a good appraisal if that time comes. One of them being to repair any exposed wood or cracked/peeling paint on the porch.

So Dad got to work with his extenda-scrapper!

Sebastian was a big help for Grandpa. He kept trying to eat the paint that Dad peeled off the roof. Probably bad for tiny puppy dogs. I'm gonna guess, so he had to stay inside.

We were able to get all the paint off that needed to be and also removed some of the broken down gutters. PS. That was nasty.  I will keep you posted on what we decide to do with the house, it might be nice to keep it as a rental, but it would nice to have a totally fresh start. We shall see! Be sure to follow on Facebook so you can see all the decluttering craziness that I have started.

Next step?


Lots. Lots of painting. (Luckily! I have an outfit for that!)

Mission Home Sale: Phase 1

Happy Fourth of July!
I am so grateful for the independence of our nation, without it I wouldn't be able to do all the things I want to do in life. Thank you America!

So now that the big decision has been made to sell the house I have to move forward with the next step. Which seeing as I have never done this before is actually kinda confusing. The next step? What does that mean? Google houses in Arizona and put in an offer!!

No. No Meaghan, that is not the next step.

Well luckily my aunt is a real estate agent in Texas and is a lot of help. The first thing that I have to do is find a local agent to help with listing and selling my house. I've done some research on agents vs. for sale by owner and well honestly, I just don't have the time or the means to sell on my own, neither do my parents. We need a relatively quick and as painless as possible transaction.

I've reached out to a few local agents that I know of as well as asked my aunt for a referral. It helps her out and helps me out, good deal right? I do have a meeting with an agent tomorrow morning so I'll keep you posted on how all that goes.

In the mean time I'm going to go to a few open houses and see what's on the market and get an idea of the competition and I found a few good places for tips to getting the house market ready. Some are no brainers but it's still a good list.

You can see it here: 20 Tricks to Selling Your Home

I also made a list, because I love lists.

Steps in the Process of Moving:
  1. Find an agent
  2. Get the house listed
  3. Rock student teaching
  4. Graduate from college
  5. Sell house (may come during 3 and 4)
  6. Get Arizona teaching license
  7. Get Arizona teaching job
  8. Move to Arizona
  9. Buy house in Arizona
  10. Live in Arizona

Geesh. That's kinda a lot for 6 months. But I'm excited!

Something Bigger is Happening.

Sounds like a totally cheesy line from a commercial for cereal. But! It's definitely true. I have a big announcement for everyone and I hope you are all prepared for the adventure that this will lead to.

 I have decided, after 4 years of home ownership, 5 years of college, a lot of roommates, a Bachelor's Degree, and all sorts of other craziness, that it has come time to sell my home.

 I told you it was big. Huge! GIGANTIC! But it's also very, very exciting.

 It's not going to be right away, the housing market here is still a little slow, but it will hopefully be within the next few months that we'll put it on the market and then get it sold so I can start the next leg of my journey in life.

 My home has been fantastic and has taught me a lot about myself and the true meaning of responsibility. I graduate from Colorado Mesa University in the middle of December with a Bachelor's Degree in English with a concentration in Secondary Education. Essentially that means 7th to 12th grade.

 Let me just say, I am ready. I have one semester left of student teaching and then it is time for This Messy Business to really get the show on the road.

 Where does the road lead? Well for me it seems to be leading straight to Phoenix, Arizona. I've heard the girls are warmer there.

I always talk about Sam at the Junk House in my posts, I "met" Sam via a bloggy link party last summer and something about her (probably the way that she strung words together!) seemed to "speak" to me. Over the last year we've shared a lot of emails and a crapton of commenting. After reading her blog I decided to take a look into the Phoenix area, she's fantastic so the chances she lives in a good place are pretty good right?


Well the teaching market is dramatically better there. As in, I could actually get a job with my degree rather then continuing to work in a call center wasting my days away. I would have to do some relicensure things but it's not anything huge or unrealistic.

I love my home and still have a bunch of projects that need to be done before it is market ready. (I should probably mow the lawn, fix the porch, replace the roof, expensive stuff like that.)

I do plan on purchasing a home in the area where I'm moving, depending on where my job is at. Luckily Sam has been AMAZING and has endured my one hundred questions and babbling.

If you made it to the end of this I believe you deserve a foot massage and a cookie, and I hope you stick around as I figure out how to sell my first home and start a new life in a strange (extremely hot) place. I'm excited for this adventure and a whole new home to renovate and remodel!

I'm scared, intimidated, anxious, excited... all those things. But I've got an amazing family, wonderful friends, and the will to do it.