Just a Bunch of Scrappin'

Well our meeting with the realtor went very well this weekend, she came over and checked out the house and left a bunch of paper work in terms of the comparable houses in the area. I felt like there should be an HGTV camera crew nearby or something. She did tell me that my house looked like something out of "Country Living" magazine. I don't think my house is country but hey! I'll take the magazine reference!

Anyways, the only problem that we're facing is that we bought my house way above value back in 2008 so basically what we still owe on it is more then it is currently worth on the market. We are weighing our various options to see if making a sale is still a good choice or just reworking it so that I am not on the loan and it's an income property for my parents. It's been a bit stressful.

There were some things that the realtor, henceforth referred to as Carol, suggested that we do in order to make sure we get a good appraisal if that time comes. One of them being to repair any exposed wood or cracked/peeling paint on the porch.

So Dad got to work with his extenda-scrapper!

Sebastian was a big help for Grandpa. He kept trying to eat the paint that Dad peeled off the roof. Probably bad for tiny puppy dogs. I'm gonna guess, so he had to stay inside.

We were able to get all the paint off that needed to be and also removed some of the broken down gutters. PS. That was nasty.  I will keep you posted on what we decide to do with the house, it might be nice to keep it as a rental, but it would nice to have a totally fresh start. We shall see! Be sure to follow on Facebook so you can see all the decluttering craziness that I have started.

Next step?


Lots. Lots of painting. (Luckily! I have an outfit for that!)

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  1. how exciting!! good luck with the painting, that'll be the easy part compared to all the scrapping x


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